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Wedding Checklist for 2 months away (Part 4)

It’s only two more months to your big fat Indian wedding. Everything seems to be in place right from sending off your wedding invitations to purchasing wedding favors to rentals for cutlery, seating and transportation to hair stylists and Mehndi artists right up to selecting your wedding cake! So, what’s left to be done? Not much! There are a lot of small little things that need to be checked on. But, don’t worry! The major part of putting your wedding together has already been completed. Now, to just check on and confirm a couple of things we all tend to look past.

  1. Now’s a good time to meet with your pastor, priest or pandit to decide on the program of your wedding ceremony. You’ll have to discuss the flow of events so that you and your spouse are not left dumb-founded during the rituals and ceremony.
  2. It is time for your spouse to be and yourself to write down your wedding vows! This will take time and may see you drained out at the end of it all, trying to come up with those perfect words. But, if you happen to be a natural wordsmith, writing wedding vows and expressing your love will simply be a breeze!
  3. You may want to schedule your marriage in court during this time. After all, the days leading up to your wedding will be very hectic. So plan ahead for a good date. You may also want to keep your attire, also known as a ROM dress (Registry of Marriage dress) ready for your court marriage.
  4. Meet with your hairstylist to experiment with potential hairstyles for your wedding ceremony, reception and any other pre- or post-parties.
  5. Now’s the time to set a date for your wedding rehearsal and dinner.
  6. Visit your bridal studio and schedule your wedding dress trial; the final one will be left for the month of the wedding. Plus, the bridesmaids and the mother-of-the-bride who will be accompanying you can also have a fitting of their respective dresses.
  7. Purchase your wedding guest book if you want to have one. Your partner and you will forever be able to sit back and enjoy this for years to come.
  8. Continue with your beauty therapies and pampering. You are going to be a beautiful bride in less than 2 months now!
  9. Get yourself a trial make-up run with your makeup artist. You don’t want to be clueless or disappointed on your wedding day after all!
  10. If you have the time to spare, you may want to start shopping for your trousseau along with the help of your friends and family.

See! There are no major tasks to be completed just two months away from your wedding day. All that is required is an alert state of mind, so that you don’t forget to make confirmations and check on other minor but vital details. If you happen to be on track with the wedding planning you may find yourself looking out and shopping for furnishings for your new house! The approach to your wedding can be a very exciting time. So, now that most of the work has been done, it’s time you relax a bit more and catch up with your bridesmaids and friends over movies, coffee or a relaxing brunch!

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