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Wedding Catering | Serve in Style

crockery at Indian weddings

Wedding crockery and cutlery is as important as the food. With meticulously crafted themed menus you surely need something unique which will tie in with your wedding theme. There are plenty of options for choosing your cutlery and crockery for your Indian wedding. The choice of crockery for your Indian wedding would largely depend on the menu and style of service.

Ceramic crockery is very common for a buffet style set-up. It’s simple, classic and appealing. There are plenty of colours and patterns and you can choose something that goes with your theme. Ceramic crockery is mostly used at receptions as it is unconventional. For a buffet style of service we always recommend choosing something lighter as it get very difficult to balance your plate while you are standing and eating.

Indian wedding food

The banana leaf is considered very auspicious at Indian weddings. At traditional south Indian weddings it is customary to serve the food in banana leaf. This is an age old tradition, and could get a little messy. Now a days this is replaced by using a cutting of the leaf in the plate and placing the food on it. The green colour of the leaf makes a beautiful background for the rich food. Very often banana leaf boats are also used to serve snacks.

Punjabi food at Indian weddings

Another traditional option includes serving your guests in gold or silver thalis. This is a good option when you have a sit down dinner and a wide spread menu. Metals such as silver and gold were used by the royal families as a part of the crockery and cutlery collection. These metals are considered to have intrinsic therapeutic values and were hence used by the royalty to dine. If you have a royal themed wedding, this is definitely an option to consider.

food on thali at Indian wedding

Other options include copperware or earthenware. Earthenware is good option for a village or a mela themed function. This could work well even for a pre-wedding function. Earthenware is apt to served food such as pot rice or stews. The advantage of using earthenware is that it holds heat well and also imparts natural flavours to the food.

Indian wedding biryani

The options are plenty and it totally depends on your choice.  A trend picking up for Indian weddings is blending the modern with traditional. Like for example, a buffet is set up where guests can serve themselves with the mains, while a range of bowls is placed on the table. This is just because menus at Indian weddings are so elaborate that it’s practically impossible to get everything in the first serving especially when it’s a buffet. This makes it easier for service in terms of refills as well as to the guest and is kind of an informal sit down.

food served at Indian wedding

We hope these tips come in handy while you choose your wedding crockery and cutlery!

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