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Wedding Cake Styles

wedding cakes mumbai

The wedding cake is something every bride looks forward to and at most times she personally overlooks every detail on this ornate piece of art. Not only is it an important part of the ritual, it also is an attraction on its own and a pretty wedding cake will surely wow all your guests!

Wedding cakes vary in size, shape, form and style. Your choice may be based on various factors such as the number of guests expected to have the cake, your preferred style, the cost and last but not the least the feasibility of setting up the cake.

We have compiled some styles of traditional and modern cake set ups for your inspiration!

Staircase & Fountain Cake

These are very old style cakes which you may rarely spot at any weddings today. They are typically for a large crowd with an elaborate set up. Usually the staircase cake can be on its own or combined with a fountain. Waterfalls have a sacred significance in many cultures across the world hence it is considered auspicious and hence has been a part of traditional wedding cakes.

Fountain Wedding Cake

wedding cake with fountain

Traditional Tiered Wedding Cake

Wedding cake with staircase

This style is again old-fashioned; hence you won’t see too many of these cakes at weddings now a days. This style had many layers, starting with a minimum of three to four. Each layer was distinctly differentiated by stands and the design would often be very intricate with a couple as cake topper. Traditionally all cake toppers had to be a couple, but these days the trend has shifted to more interesting elements.

Cascade Wedding Cake

wedding cake mumbai

Cascade wedding cakes are basically single tier cakes arranged on individual stands in an ascending form at various heights. They make a lovely display and can be coupled with some candles on stands for a mystical feel.

Modern Tiered Cake

wedding cake india

The modern wedding cake designs are very clean and minimalistic. The tiers are directly placed on each other without stands. The cake topper is also not necessarily a couple. It could be a design or flowers or even a motif. Also modern cakes are more artistically driven with detailing such as hand painted finishes and different flavours for each layer.

Tiered cake on stand

wedding cake maker in Mumbai

Combination cake

This would mean blending of two styles to create a style which will be more practical. The most recent style is to have a combination of cupcakes and a wedding cake. The best part about this is that, it avoids wastage, it’s easier to serve and the cupcakes give more scope for detailing. We personally love this style.

Cupcakes+ tiered cake combo

combination wedding cake with cupcakes

Hope these styles help you choose your ideal wedding cake!!

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