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Wedding budget Ideas


A budget is one of the most important things on your wedding planning list. Any wedding – either be it one which takes place amidst thousands of guest or one which is celebrated only amongst your closest friends and family – will take ‘a budget’ to organize. Building this budget helps you narrow down your expenditures, hence, helping you spend on all the right places without you getting paranoid of going over-board.

When planning a wedding budget you will be mapping out costs on the venues, caters, décor, hotel accommodations for the guest, and what have you. While these expenditures are unavoidable you still might find yourself looking for ways in which you can be cost-effective. And if you don’t know how to then that’s why we’re here! Below are some DIY ideas that does not only help you keep your big bucks in tab, but also lets you have fun while you’re at it –

By the time the days to the wedding celebrations get closer you will automatically see the amount of packaging there is that needs to be done – souvenirs, gift hampers, trousseau, the list may gone! But now that you know this, it is easier for you to avoid a situation as such! Start stocking up on gift wrapping papers and décor items like ribbons, and of course wrapping tape in advance. Buying these packaging items beforehand in bulk not only saves you that extra expenditure per item but also saves you time. So now, whenever a sudden crisis wrapping situation arises you know you are prepared to get whatever it is tightly swathed!

Delicacies go hand in hand with wedding celebrations. And why shouldn’t it? After all wedding times bring into the air the merriest moods! To go with that, there is the abundance of all things sweet to savour the mouth – cakes, mithais, and dessert of sorts. A brilliant way in which you can be easy on the pocket and imaginative at the same time is through the creation of these savouries. So take your chef hat out, and get mixing with all those ingredients that will make the most amazing sweet-dish ever that will simply bowl over your guests!

If someone had to define the idea of a wedding, they might as well just say it’s a place decorated so finely that it takes your breath away! A well decorated gazebo, ballroom, or mandap, is the key to getting the guest into the wedding vibe. While some lean on regular themes and create decor as per it, others might get inspired and create themes and decorations that go with it – either way decorations are a must. Hence, a nice way to be cost-effective about them is getting inventive.  For example – you can use bandhani duppatas ringed with glass bangles and put them up as wall hangings, floating candles, light lamps, or even artistically intricate floor designs with paint supported with flowers of your choice.

So go ahead! Getting creative can literally can be a whole lot of fun! Hope these tips help you save some money and help you manage your wedding budget better!

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