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We Love Marigolds at Indian Weddings


Weddings in India and any special occasion for that matter are always graced and decorated with colourful flowers. One of the most popular flowers that feature in weddings here is the marigold. Round, fragrant and bursting with colour, the marigold is widespread in India and easily available almost year round.

indian wedding decor-flowers


It comes in various colours like orange, yellow, pale yellow, golden, reddish-orange and many different hues in between. Its bright and cheery colour make it a favourite with wedding decorators and event planners and you are almost certain of seeing marigolds in celebrations around the country. They are often used for torans, draped on walls and pillars, for mandap decorating and wedding garlands as well. People often use marigolds along with rangoli designs and diyas for easy and colourful touches at wedding venues, homes and places of worship. They are even used sometimes to decorate women’s hair.

Marigolds are also known as gaindas or ghendas in India and considered auspicious in many cultures in the Indian subcontinent. This bright flower is also considered to be a symbol of peace, prosperity and reflects the colours of auspicious items like the sindoor and haldi used in many weddings and religious ceremonies.

Also known as ‘Mary’s Gold’ in England, where it was introduced in the 1600s, this flower is hardy and remains fresh long after it is cut, making it a popular and beautiful option for weddings.

How are you planning to incorporate marigolds in your wedding celebrations? Leave us a comment with your ideas!

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