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Ways to De-stress before your wedding

Endless shopping for the impending wedding, constant advice from family and friends on what to do and what not to when you become the member of a new family, financial planning, inviting and entertaining family and friends – can definitely take a toll on you.

A wedding, irrespective of its size and other aspects, is common to implant anxiety and stress in the soon-to-be bride. Grooms too go through their share of stress, as they go about arranging for the pre-wedding parties and the post-wedding arrangements. Remember to relax and have fun during this period of your life.

Bride De-stressing before her wedding day

Here are a few  tips on how you can destress before your wedding:

  1. Take some time off to watch the sunset, take a swim, enjoy a stroll in your nearby park, go for a boat cruise, head to your nearby hill station. If you like to chill out with friends, or else, enjoy the solitude.
  2. Plan a girls night and go to a club or restaurant and catch up on the girly chats.
  3. Pick a book – may be a romantic novel or a novel by your favourite author – always one off the best ways to unwind.
  4. Rent a pile of DVD’s. Watch your favourite movies – comedy, romantic, suspense thrillers or action.
  5. A massage before the wedding will help you relieve stress and tone up your muscles. Pamper yourself at the spa with the variety of body treatments on offer.
  6. Cut down on caffeine and chocolate, as they are known to elevate stress levels. Include more green vegetables in your diet and drink lots of water.
  7. Try to practice meditation and yoga to relieve stress. Breathing techniques can be highly beneficial.
  8. Spend at least 30 minutes a day on exercise. This can tone your body as well as relieve stress.
  9. Most brides are so busy ensuring everything is planned perfectly that they forget to have a good time and end up stressing! Try doing something different like go out for a movie with your girl friends maybe?
  10. Get some rest – most brides tend to be busy with their pre-wedding preparations in the days leading up to the wedding. Try and get as much sleep as you can to look your best on your wedding day.
  11. Take some time out and spend some quality time with your finance. a wedding usually involves so many people from family to friends, vendors to guests take a walk or plan a romantic dinner – just the two of you.

De-stressing is all about doing the things you enjoy the most and that can make you relax peacefully. Enjoy the pre-wedding time and have fun with the entire wedding planning process. Hope this information from your wedding planner in Mumbai will help you de-stress before your big day!

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