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Varmala ideas for your Indian Wedding!

Hindu wedding varmalas

The varmala ceremony is one of the most significant ceremonies at any Indian Wedding. The ceremony is a mark of promise to accept and respect each other which the bride and groom make by exchanging garlands. This is one of the most important ceremonies of an Indian Wedding. The exchange of garland signifies the marriage and the beginning of a new life together. Varmalas are floral garlands and the style of these garlands varies from community to community within India. Like for example in South India flowers such as mogras are most commonly used to make wedding garlands; where as in Northern part of the country, garlands are made of roses or marigold.

Indian wedding varmala ceremony

Traditional varmalas are very common and not many couples consider paying attention to details; we think differently though. This is the most memorable moment of your wedding and you will always look back and cherish it so why not make it special?? Here are some tips and ideas on things you need to keep in mind while selecting your varmala.

Indian couple exchange varmalas

Size and weight– This is a very important factor you must consider. Sometimes varmalas can be really long and heavy and can be very uncomfortable. Traditional Indian wedding outfits are quite heavy with a lot of embellishments and especially for the bride we don’t suggest a heavy garland at all as she would be wearing a lot of jewellery along with the heavy bridal outfit. The size of the garland is another important aspect. A medium length varmala is just right according to us. The varmala too long or too short would not work at all; apart from being uncomfortable it would not look great in pictures.

varmala exchange at Indian wedding

Flowers – Flowers are the most interesting part of any varmala as they form the basis of the garland. You need to choose your flowers carefully as these would majorly affect the look of your garland. You can choose the flowers depending on the theme of your wedding. Like for example, if you have a very traditional wedding you can go for flowers like roses, marigolds, mogras or lilies. For a beach wedding you can have a Plumeria garland. Orchids also are dainty and lovely and are quite   popular at Indian weddings. The most important thing you need to keep in mind while selecting the flowers is the availability. Some flowers may be seasonal.

Indian wedding in Mumbai

Fragrance – This is something you must keep in mind. Flowers such as Mogra look very pretty but have a very strong fragrance. Even though some flowers may be sweet-smelling, you need to be careful as the aroma may overpower your perfume and other elements around. We would suggest going with a mildly fragrant flower or an unscented flower.

indian bridal varmala

Colours – The colours would depend on the flower you choose to go with. We would suggest choosing a contrasting colour to that of your wedding outfit so that the colours don’t merge. There is no thumb rule for choosing the colour of your varmala…just go with what you love!

Embelishments used with varmalas

Embelishments – Add some twist to the traditional varmalas by incorporating embellishments like beads, crystals or motifs to make the varmalas more interesting. You can match the embellishment to anything from a motif on your wedding outfit to a logo of your names. Floral garlands with crystal tassles look very elegant and unique. For a beach themed wedding you can incorporate some pearls in the garland. There is a lot you can do to spice up the look of your wedding garland. Whatever you do, make sure you balance the bling with traditional elements.

Looking for interesting varmalas? You can contact us for a whole range of varmalas that we can design to suit your requirements.

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