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Unusual Jewelry for Indian Weddings

unusual Indian wedding jewelry

When it comes to wedding jewelry, especially Indian, heavy silver and gold pieces with intricate work and valuable stones is what immediately comes to anyone’s mind. However there are some people who may be allergic to certain metals used in such jewelry or who prefer a lighter and simpler look than being decked up from head to toe in heavy blingy jewelry. Or that one in a hundred bride who would love to ditch conventional trends and opt for something entirely unique, which normally would have been put in the not-for-weddings category. These are some pieces that we think could work for weddings, if not for the ceremony then at least for few of the pre wedding functions or part of the bridal trousseau.

unusual bangles for Indian wedding

Ivory has been used to carve decorative objects and sculptures since ancient times and was always considered a collector’s item. Although gold and silver jewelry are very often the top choices for Indian brides, jewelry made of ivory can also be a new avenue to explore. In Gujarat, there is a custom followed during weddings, where the bride’s mother has to give the bride a pair of ivory bangles before she leaves for her wedding.

creative Indian wedding jewelry

Although ivory bracelets and necklaces are usually available in western cuts and styles, these can be considered for a western or indo western themed pre wedding function or even as a valuable part of your bridal trousseau.

For a wedding, some may find fabric or embroidered jewelry too cheap. But talented designers are churning out signature pieces using fabric and embroidery techniques which are good to be worn for cocktail parties or other wedding functions. Since these can be customized as per your taste, they can be as Indian or as western as you want them to be.

ear rings for Indian wedding

For centuries now, craftsmen have used the intricacy and details of lace as an inspiration for jewelry designs. The minute detailing imparts a delicate and feminine quality to the designs. Handcrafted textile jewelry is made using silk and metal threads woven with beads and stones to form intricate lace designs. These can be paired with Indian and western outfits.

Bib jewelry for Indian wedding

Beads have been used to create wedding jewelry and embellish clothes for centuries now. These can be made out of precious stones, gems, metals, glass and even plastic. Beads are often used in combination with gold, silver or other precious metals and stones to produce gorgeous pieces of art.

We would love to know about an unusual piece of jewelry that you may have worn for your big day!

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  1. zari lane
    Posted July 25, 2013 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

    indian style wedding jewelry is very beautifull and every indian women have a desire for this jewelery.

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