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Unconventional Indian Wedding Invites

uncovential Indian wedding invites

Move away from the traditional Indian invites and opt for something more fun by adding a modern twist to your wedding invite. Indian weddings are full of colour and bling and there are plenty of elements which you can draw inspiration from for your wedding card design.
Traditional cards are very common and have been popular in India for a long time. Typical Indian wedding cards always have a deity on it and most often it is a depiction of Lord Ganesh or sometimes a picture of Radha Krishna. Having a motif of a deity on your wedding card is considered to be auspicious in India. If you are using a picture of any particular God on your invite, select an exquisite picture and add some embellishments to it spice up the card. You could even create rich effects by exploring with different style of printing. Gold foiling or embossing create a lovely finish.

new Indian wedding card designs

Since India is as a country has deep rooted traditions, certain motifs and designs have to be a part of the wedding card, without which the card would be considered incomplete. As mentioned earlier, a motif of Lord Ganesh is a given; in addition to that there are other elements like the baraat or shenai which have been used to design Indian wedding cards from yesteryears.  Things have now changed and you will see very few cards with such designs. Couples are choosing more rich and cultural elements traditional to India such as a peacock or lotus, and finding interesting ways to incorporate them into the design.

Indian wedding invite

A simple card with the right choice of paper, colours and font can look very chic. The colour palettes which surely compliment Indian weddings are bright and colourful or rich and deep hues. The bright and colourful is more for a fun or casual wedding while the rich and deeper hues would work very well for a royal Indian wedding.

Indian wedding invites

You could even match your wedding card colours and motifs to your wedding trousseau. This is a great way to tie in the various elements of your wedding together. A lot of brides these days draw inspiration from the wedding outfit for their motif on the wedding card. It could perhaps even be a lace, zari appliqué or beaded motif.

themed wedding invites

Having Indian motifs on a very modern card is a lovely blend of styles if you are looking to strike the right balance by not being too western or Indian. A hint of Indian element will always add to it. There is no end to how innovative you can get.

latest Indian wedding invites

Hand painted wedding cards are quite uncommon and look lovely! You could even choose to go for a personalized design like a caricature of your fiancée and you on your wedding invite instead of a generic Indian motif.

traditional Indian wedding invites

There is no limit to creativity with Indian wedding cards. From Swarovski studded to die cut, from simple paper invite to an elaborate box invite the options are just endless. You can experiment with sizes, papers, printing techniques and lots more. Whatever you do, make sure your card is in sync with your wedding theme as it’s the first impression you will make on your guests.

We hope these tips will help you in selecting your perfect Indian wedding card!

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