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Tossing the Bouquet and Garter!

tossing the bouquet

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Tossing the bridal bouquet is a fun wedding tradition seen in many parts of the world, especially in Christian weddings. It is often incorporated in other weddings as well as a cute addition where the bride tosses her floral bouquet into the hands of one lucky single woman hoping to be the next one to get hitched. Like many other wedding customs around the world, this one too has an interesting origin.

The tossing of the bridal bouquet as we know it today, originated from a slightly different and a little more aggressive practice in medieval Europe. Centuries ago the bride did not carry just the fragrant and pretty floral bouquet but one made of herbs, bunches of garlic, fruit blossoms, grains and herbs, which were later replaced by flowers that symbolized happiness and good luck. However around the 14th century especially in countries like France it was believed that the bride’s wedding gown was a symbol of good luck and women used to chase after the bride, tearing up the gown and gathering pieces of it for luck and fertility….imagine being attacked at your own wedding! After the gowns started becoming more expensive and women started wanting to save the dress for future generations as a keepsake or even just to be safer, the brides starting coming up with alternative objects that the guests could fight over like her bridal bouquet or her garter. As for the garter, the groom removes the bride garter and tosses it to the guests, the unmarried male guests to be specific. This custom also picked up because centuries ago, the male guests would actually get a little too aggressive and drunk and try and grab the garter from the bride beforehand! And you thought your guests were unmanageable!

Nowadays, you can have your own spin on the tradition. Make your own custom bouquets or even small separate ones that you can give your female friends for good luck! Stay tuned for more fun Indian wedding posts from Marry Me’s Indian wedding planning team!

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