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Top Ten Tips | Selecting your Wedding Photographer


Photos are timeless moments captured in frames and especially wedding photos; so it’s very important to hire the right professional to capture those special moments. Choosing a photographer is very different as compared to picking up your bridal trousseau or booking any other wedding service as, you cannot see the pictures you are buying until after you have made your decision. The relationship between you and your photographer will largely depend on faith. Great wedding photographers end up being a little expensive but you have to remember that there are no second chances! This is definitely one area worth splurging on!

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  • Decide what you and your fiancé want. You need to be absolutely clear of the kind of wedding photography you are looking for. Gather as many reference pictures as possible. Also discuss and freeze on whether you want to print all photos or you want one main album and a coffee table book or if you want to print only a few pictures and keep the rest on a soft copy.
  • Research on wedding photographers who you think can capture your wedding in the style you want. Like for example if you want to go with old school wedding photography, you may need a basic photographer but the final outcome has to be great even if the style is traditional. Or if you are looking for some interesting wedding pictures, you could opt for a wedding photographer who does candid shots or more stylized shoots.
  • Narrow down on options and meet potential wedding photographers. Check on their availability and look at many wedding albums shot by them. Also ask to look at weddings from different cultures and the entire set of pictures, as this will help you understand their style and quality better.
  • Discuss rates and complete details on how many photographers, reporting and shooting timings, will there be any assistants, production cost, degree of coverage, and any other queries you may have. Also understand terms and conditions and payment policies.
  • In case of destination weddings, find out if there is any additional cost involved to cover it. Also check and discuss accommodation, transport and hospitality costs and get the exact number of crew members.
  • Discuss turnaround time as this is important. Sometimes you may end up waiting for really long till you receive your wedding photos. Also in case you are planning to do photo thank-you cards, discuss this in the meeting so that the wedding photographer has an idea of the same.
  • Check if the wedding photographer you really like can do a pre-wedding shoot at no cost or a reasonably low cost. This would be perfect as you will not only get to know the photographer better, but you will also have a firsthand experience of his/her work. This will also break the ice between you’ll and make you more comfortable especially if you get conscious in front of the camera.
  • Discuss your wedding style and explain the basic flow so that the photographer has a basic idea of what to expect if he/she has never shot a wedding similar to yours before.
  • Also, a ‘Trash the Dress’ shoot post the wedding would be a great way to get some good shots. Discuss the same with your wedding photographer and find you if he/she is willing to do so.
  • A very important thing would be to ask the wedding photographer to visit the venue before the function if possible as it will give him/her an idea of the natural and artificial lighting as lighting is a major factor which affects photography.

Lastly make sure there are at least two main photographers apart from assistants if any, for the wedding day as one photographer would be required to cover the bride while the other should be with the groom to get a few fun shots while you get ready. We would love to hear your thoughts and see your favourite wedding photograph! Email us

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