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Top Ten Tips | Selecting your Perfect Wedding Shoes


Choosing your wedding shoes is the next most important thing after picking your wedding outfit. During the planning stages of your wedding you may get caught up with a lot of things and may not pay attention to the finer details while choosing your wedding shoes. Here are some tips to make your wedding shoe shopping hassle free and simple!

  • First thing to remember is, to pick your shoes after you have chosen your wedding outfit. This will help you pick shoes which complement your wedding outfit.
  • Aim to pick your shoes around the same time as your dress, as you will need them for the fittings to determine the length of your dress in case of any alterations. It’s always good to account for some buffer time just in case the size is not available or for customization.
  • Lay stress on the sole and check for cushioning and comfort level. This is extremely important as you may have to wear them all day long and stand for a few hours.


  • Remember to consider the height of your groom while choosing your heels. High heels seem very tempting, but if that means you are towering over your groom, they may not be so ideal.
  • Keep the weather and location in mind while shopping for wedding shoes. For example, a pair of crystal studded flats would work very well for a beach wedding as opposed to heels. If it’s a garden wedding, consider wedges as opposed to stilettos.
  • If you are buying white shoes, then investing in a pair of dye-able shoes is a good option, as you can consider dyeing them post the wedding in to a wearable colour to use them more often.

blush pink wedding shoes

  • ALWAYS, plan for a back up pair, just in case!
  • Remember, that if your wedding outfit is long, your shoes may not show as much. In such a case you can opt for a nicer yet practical option as compared to a shorter length outfit in which case your shoes would be seen.
Wedding Shoes for an Indian bride
  • Experts suggest that the best time of the day to shop for shoes is noon, as your feet have a tendency to swell slightly during the day. This will help prevent your wedding shoes from suddenly feeling too tight in the afternoon
  • Wear your shoes and walk around your home to get used to them. This will reduce the risk of them rubbing and causing blisters on your big day.

We hope these tips help you to pick your ideal wedding shoes!

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