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Top Ten Tips | Choosing Your Wedding Make-Up Artist

indian wedding make up artist

The wedding is one day where every girl wants to look her best. Finding the perfect wedding make up – artist may seem to be difficult unless you know exactly what you want; and sometimes even when you know what you want, it may get difficult to find the right wedding make-up artist. Here are some things to keep in mind before finalizing your make-up artist for THE biggest day of your life!

Indian wedding bridal make-up

  • Good wedding make-up artists get booked well in advance; hence it would be best to do some background research when you know you are ready for the big step.  This would save you both time and energy. The background research would include short listing artists who you feel you need to explore. Get hold of their work if possible or discuss with a friend who may have hired any of them at her wedding and find out rates to know if your budget permits you to book them.
  • Find out if they have bridal packages. Though packages are good as they offer you better rates, but they are very standard and common. Find out if the packages can be personalized as every bride is different and unique and so are her needs.
  • Ensure that you are comfortable with the artist. This is extremely important as the artist must be open to inputs and needs to understand your preferences clearly.
  • Take a trial. This will give you a clear idea of the artists work and also give you an idea of the final look for the actual day. Post the trial you can finalize your artist. If you are happy with the trial but want minor alterations in the look, you can always discuss it with the artist until you are satisfied with the final outcome and if you are not, you can always choose someone else. Most artists charge for trials, but it’s totally worth it if you are unsure, rather than being nervous about it.
  • Some good make-up artists may not be based in your home town, or in case you have a destination wedding you may need to fly them down. While you discuss rates, make sure you have considered accommodation, travel and food and beverage in your cost. Also sometimes bigger make up artists have assistants; hence you may need to make arrangements for them as well. Clarify these details before finalizing the deal.
  • Check out the make-up brands used by the artist before narrowing down on any one. If you use a particular brand lip shade and are very particular about the colour, discuss the same with the artist before booking. If it’s just a lip shade or a nail paint you are particular about, some artists may offer to get it or may ask you to carry it. This is important as you cannot afford to take any risk with your look for the big day!
  • Make sure you take a trial for hair too. This is important as sometimes even the best wedding make-up artist may do the worst hair; the reason being, not many make-up artists specialize in bridal hair styling. They usually tie up with known hair stylists and work as a team. Hence you need to make sure that the styling is in tune with the make-up and matches the same standards. Also remember to carry your hair accessories if any, for the hair trial.
  • Once you book the wedding make upartist make sure you have the receipt with all details on advance paid, the balance due and the deliverables mentioned on it.
  • Before finalizing and paying the advance, make sure that the artist who did the consultation with you is the one coming on the wedding day, as sometimes some artists discuss everything with you in person but send an assistant or someone else on the actual day.
  • Lastly, check if the artist can stay back for touch up’s or so. This is important as usually, most make up artists do the hair and make-up and leave but some brides do need a touch up especially when the wedding is followed by the reception or simply to assist the bride in pinning her saree or so if needed.

We hope these tips help you to book your dream wedding make-up artist and make you a stress free bride!  Follow our blog for more great tips on wedding styles & much more.

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  1. Dipti Desai
    Posted March 16, 2012 at 5:07 pm | Permalink

    You are providing very nice and useful tips to find a makeup artist for weddings.
    I like this blog thank you for sharing.

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