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Top 10 Tips | Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

flowers for Indian wedding

Choosing the right wedding flowers is extremely important as, the flowers will set the mood of your event and enhance your wedding décor. Though you might have preferences, there are several factors based on which you may have to make your choice. We have listed the top ten things you need to keep in mind while choosing your wedding flowers.

  • The first thing would be to finalize your theme. This will give you a broad idea as to which are the flowers can you opt for keeping in mind your theme. For example if you wish to have a traditional Indian wedding, you know you would only want local Indian flowers such as Marigolds or Mogras. Similarly if you wish to have a beach wedding, you may include tropical flowers in your décor. Hence the choice of flowers would vary based on the theme.
  • You need to choose your flowers depending on the size of your venue and various areas which you want to decorate. Also the choice of flowers would differ for an indoor and an outdoor venue as some flowers cannot withstand harsh sunlight or heat.

Indian Wedding florals by Marry Me Weddings

  • Flowers look lovely and add a soft touch to your wedding décor but may get very expensive at times; especially if you have exotic flowers on your list, as they are not easily available. Allocating a budget to flowers is very important. The best thing to do would be to first identify which are the places where you would want to incorporate flowers like, wedding mandap, entrance, centerpieces etc. Then you can work backwards. If the cost is high you can always opt for budget friendly options such as non-floral centerpieces.
  • In case you have a destination wedding make sure the option of flower you have chosen is locally available. If not, then you will have to make arrangements to import the flowers. This may be quite expensive so don’t forget to include it in your costing.
  • Choose a reliable vendor as there are times when you just don’t get a particular colour in the market irrespective of the fact whether it is off-season or not for that particular flower. Hence if you have a reliable vendor he /she would find a way to source the colour and if not they will get you the next best option.

flower arrangements in Mumbai

  • Some flowers just can’t work for outdoor day events while there are others which would work for both day and night. Like for example, Mogras are not at all recommended for an outdoor day event as, they tend to get black when left out in the sun for too long. On the other hand Roses would work very well for a daytime outdoor function as well as a night event.
  • Decide whether you want to go with just one type of flowers or have a combination of flowers. This will again have to be tied in with your them
  • Choosing the perfect colour can sometimes be a difficult task. Remember the lighting can change the colour of the flowers especially if it is an evening function. The best thing for an evening function would be to go for white flowers and work with the lights as white flowers will take the colour of whichever light falls on it. Or another option would be to work with complimentary colours such as pink and purple. You could have pink flowers with purple lighting or vice-versa. For a day function you can opt for any colour of your choice. Also few other things to keep in mind while selecting the colour palette for your wedding flowers would be the colour of the linen, colour of your outfit and of course the theme of your function.
  • Some flowers are seasonal hence make sure that your choice of flower is easily available during the time of your wedding.
  • Fragrance of some flowers is sometimes overpowering and strong. Make sure you keep this in mind while choosing your wedding flowers. On the other hand there are a few flowers which have a very subtle and refreshing fragrance. Also make sure you don’t keep scented flowers too close to the food area as it might blend with the aroma of the food.

A few other tips to remember:  Always ask the florists for a mock set up with flowers to get the actual feel of the look. Though this can’t be done with bigger wedding décor elements such as stage or entrance but you can surely request to see a mock set up of the centerpieces. Make sure you account for floral arrangements for the buffet as this is one area which is usually neglected and has a completely different décor, usually done by the caterer and may look quite ghastly at times. Hope this helps put together your wedding floral décor!

 Credits : Image 1 : | Image 2 & 3 : Marry Me Weddings
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