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Top 10 Tips | Choosing your Wedding Favors

indian wedding favors

Wedding favors are gifts given to your guests as a token of gratitude. The tradition of distributing wedding favors is a very old one. Back in time, the most common wedding favor among European aristocrats was a ‘bomboniere’. It usually comprised of a small trinket box crafted out of porcelain, crystals or precious stones containing sugar cubes. During that time, sugar was the most expensive commodity hence it was a custom to give sugar cubes. Over the years the trend has changed, and the ‘bomboniere ‘can be replaced by many modern and fun options.

 Indian weddings are known for their big fat budgets and pampering their guests to the tee. Weddings are regarded as the most important social event for any Indian family; hence it is a practice to treat guests with wonderful wedding favors. Here are some tips and things you must keep in mind before choosing your wedding favor.

wedding favors in India

elephant wedding favors

  • It is very important to allocate or work out a budget as this will give you an idea of what are the various options you can look at depending on your budget. Remember your cost will depend on the quantity. The thumb rule is that the higher the quantity, the better the price.
  • Select your wedding theme and tie in every element in this theme including your wedding favors. Like for example, if you are having a beach wedding, your favors also have to revolve around the same theme. This will simply wow your guests and also serve as good memories of the theme and the destination. Maybe for a beach themed wedding you could give away small magnetic wooden photo frames which can have a fun picture of your guest with you so that they remember the good time spent with you.
  • Some things you need to keep in mind before finalizing on your wedding favor would be the time required, payment mode, lead time and whether the goods will be delivered. The delivery is extremely important in case you plan to have a destination wedding. Find out if the goods can be delivered directly to the destination rather than you carrying them.
  • Packaging and quality is a very critical aspect. Both packaging and quality go hand in hand. It has to look appealing and at the same time the quality has to be good so that the guests feel good on receiving it. Also check if they can personalize the product by adding details of your names and wedding date.
  • Always make sure you get a sample even if it means you have to pay for it. This is important as them you would know the quality of the product better. Also in case you need to make any amendments, it can be done.
  • Choosing the favor may be a slightly difficult task. You need to keep a few things in mind before finalizing on any product. Firstly you need to decide on whether you want to give a perishable or a non-perishable favor. Also keep the usefulness of the product in mind. Like for example if you wish to give a box of chocolate, try to choose a box which may be unique and can be re-used to store small products.
  • Check on the shelf life for perishable products like chocolate and nuts.  Also you need to keep in mind if the product requires refrigeration etc.
  • Always order for a few extra as it’s safer. Sometimes some guests end up taking more than one or may be a piece may get damaged while transporting so it’s always good to have a few more rather than fall short. Just in case some close friends or relatives can’t make it to the wedding but have sent you a wedding present, it would be a nice gesture to send a favor across to them. Also remember to keep one for you as a keepsake!
  • Make sure you have a designated spot at the venue to stack your favors. This is important as sometimes you end up picking your favor and don’t think of this until the day of the wedding which leads to a panic situation.
  • Lastly, decide whether you want your favor to be useful, memorable or edible or a combination of all like a personalized premium tea mix packaged in a unique way!

Some Indian favors ideas: Elephant tea-light candle holders, incense sticks, monogrammed book marks, silk fans, beaded or mirrored boxes, Indian preservatives, a set of flavoured personalized tea bags or handicraft products such as paper mache boxes. Do checkout our earlier post on some fun ideas for wedding favors here!

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  1. Kritika
    Posted May 5, 2012 at 3:17 pm | Permalink

    Good tips for selecting wedding favors. In one of the weddings I attended, we received small clutches with a pair of lak bangles at the mehendi function. :)

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