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Top 10 Tips | Arranging Transport For Your Wedding Guests

Indian couple in a buggie after their wedding

Transport is one area which can get really messed up if not managed well at weddings. There are various arrangements you need to make depending on your guests list and budget. You need to first decide if you are arranging for the entire transport or only a part of it. It is very crucial to manage this well as you may have guests coming from different parts of the world and the last thing they would want after a long flight or journey is to be waiting to be picked up or any confusion with transport. Here are some tips which may come in handy while arranging for guest transport.

Firstly decide on which are the areas you wish to take care of when it comes to transport. Like for example, if you have outstation guests, do you want to offer pick up and drop offs, or if your wedding functions are at different venues, do you want to arrange for transport to shuttle guests between venues and in case you have a lot of out-of-town guests, do you want to make arrangements for them to go sightseeing. This would totally depend on your budget for transport.

If you have most wedding guests staying at a common venue, the best thing to do is to hire a coach instead of cars. This turns out to be more economical and also if it’s family from different parts of the world, most of them would like to catch up so it is a good thing to arrange for common transport. The best way to manage if you have booked a coach would be to have an itinerary with details on pick-up and drop-off timings and points listed.

If you are doing coaches, a good thing to do would be to back them with a few cars. This is good because, there is always some on who is running late or may have missed the coach.

wedding cars decorated

In case of a hired car or a coach, always note down the opening kilometers and starting time so that you can cross check when the bill is generated. Also remember to signoff hired cars or coaches. This is very crucial because if you forget to do so, the kilometers and hours would increase and when the bill is produced you will be shocked to see the amount.

Have a dedicated team to manage and co-ordinate your wedding transport. This would help as, if any guest would need help, they would know whom to look for and also this will keep you and your family members stress free.

fun transport ideas for a wedding

There are times when you may have a lot of your own cars and some relatives may offer their cars to assist in transporting wedding guests. In this case you only need to hire drivers. A good thing to do would be to note down all driver names and numbers and have an arrival and departure chart so that at any given point you know which drivers are on shift and whether they are free or gone to drop or pick a guest.

If you are into personalizing little details, you can create personalized car logos. This is a good idea as your guests can just spot your car by seeing the logo on it!

dhol player ahead of tram at Indian baraat

Cars and coaches are not the only modes of transport. You could also opt for innovative modes of wedding transport (depending on the destination) like a cruise to transport guests to an island for a destination wedding.

wedding party on a cruise

Arrange for bigger cars for pick-ups as some guests may have a lot of luggage with them. To ease this process, the best thing to do would be getting information on number of bags from each guest beforehand so that it is easier allocating the type of car for pick up.

Always keep first-aid, water, refreshments, and cold towels handy as they are a must after a long journey.

The scale of logistics would depend on your budget and number of guests. Whether you are arranging for the entire transport or only a part of it, always make sure you share local pre-paid taxi numbers with your guests in case of an emergency. You can also work out discounted rates for cars, just in case your outstation guests want to tour the city!

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