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Tips to Get Your Groom Involved in the Wedding Planning

wedding planning in india

(Image Courtesy : Michael Graham Photography)

We have all seen the movies and TV shows where the bride-to-be goes totally nuts and becomes the dreaded monster-like ‘bridezilla’, while the groom stays in the background with a calm and amused smile on his face. While it’s not always that extreme, such stereotypes have a small grain of truth in them. You often find that brides get more and more frazzled during the planning process while the groom takes a back seat. If you are one such frustrated bride, here are a few tips to get your man more involved:

  1. Be direct and ask! – Many brides don’t really let the groom know that she needs his help and stews in anger over the course of the next few months. On the other hand grooms often feel like the bride wants him to let her take charge and back off. Communicate clearly and let him know what you want him to do, and why it’s important to you.
  2. Make it interesting – Put your guy in charge of the planning aspects that he will be more interested in and would be good at – if he likes organizing let him take care of the  hotel or venue bookings and arrangements, if he’s a music nut let him hire and organize for the DJ or the band etc.. A lot of men don’t like being involved in the aesthetic nitty-gritties or some of the ‘girlier’ details like the clothes, wedding flowers and the like; you have your best friend for that. Delegate jobs that he can actively and genuinely participate in. That said please don’t watch over his shoulder like a hawk the entire time!
  3. Discuss ideas – Yes ladies we have to admit we do get a little obsessive about our wedding choices at times and that can definitely de-motivate your groom. Discuss your preferences and don’t discount or make fun of his ideas.
  4. Calm down – This one goes for the both of you. You will probably have two different methods of working, so try and keep temper flare-ups in check. Constant arguments only make the entire wedding planning process all the more stressful and are a sure-fire way that leads to one or both parties losing interest.

All the best you lovely brides! Be sure to tell us what worked to get your groom more enthusiastic about the wedding planning in India, at Marry Me – The Wedding Planners.

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