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Tips on preserving your Wedding Sarees

indian wedding sarees

Sarees are a part of every Indian bride’s wardrobe. At with many different wedding functions, the Indian bride usually stocks up on a varied range of sarees. The care and maintenance of different types of sarees varies depending on the material and type of saree.

Some sarees like pure Kanjivaram silk sarees are extremely expensive and if preserved well, can be passed down from one generation to another.

Cotton Sarees Types

cotton saree from Mumbai

Cotton sarees are very wearable and every Indian bride has at least a few of them stocked in her closet. They are not too expensive and best for a hot climate. Special care for maintaining cotton sarees include:

  • Washing them separately as dark colours usually bleed.
  • Avoid immersing these sarees in water for long time as this would lead to fading of colour
  • Dry them in the shade
  • Starch them after every wash to retain the shine and colour

Chiffon and Georgette Sarees

Chiffon and Georgette sarees

Chiffon and Georgette sarees need to be handled with care as both these fabric are very delicate and prone to tear easily. Special care for maintaining chiffon and georgette sarees include:

  • Handwash gently and allow the water to drip
  • Do not squeeze or wrap tightly
  • Avoid using too many pins as the fabric might tear
  • Do not hang these for long time as they might lose their shape
  • Refold these sarees from time to time to avoid ripping on creases

Tissue and Organza Saris

Tissue and Organza Saris

These materials are delicate and need much care. These sarees should always be dry cleaned as machine wash can cause the saree to tear. Special care for maintaining tissue and organza sarees include:

  • Dry clean only
  • Do not hang. Keep them folded
  • Store them by wrapping them in a muslin cloth
  • Refold these sarees from time to time to avoid ripping on creases

Silk Saree Maintenance Tips


These sarees are the most expensive and require high maintenance. Silk sarees can last for decades without losing their freshness, if maintained with proper care. Special care for maintaining silk sarees include:

  • Dry clean only
  • Refold these sarees from time to time to avoid fading on the creases
  • Do not store them with sarees of other materials. Store them separately
  • Try to keep them wrinkle free
  • Never dry the saree under direct sun
  • Always iron on medium heat and do not spray water while ironing as it might leave a stain
  • Store them folded and wrapped in a pure cotton cloth as this would allow the saree to breathe.
  • Store them in a cool dark place in the cupboard to avoid discoloration.

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