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Tips on how to minimize wastage of food at Indian Weddings

wedding food menu

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One thing which is often neglected at most Indian weddings is the food wastage. Tons of food is often wasted unknowingly. Most couples lay stress on menu planning and food tasting while food wastage is one of the loose ends at weddings. Here are some tips which might be useful while planning the menu to minimize food wastage.

To start with, make sure you ask guests to RSVP. This will help you to give the correct number of people expected at the wedding to the caterer. Caterers keep a five to ten percent buffer. Giving the correct figure of number of guests expected is one of the major factors and will help to minimize wastage to a great extent. Also select the menu carefully. Choose a menu that is neither very elaborate nor very limited. Select a few but good dishes which most guests will enjoy. Selecting something totally exotic make be risky because if guests don’t like it, it surely will go waste. Make sure you do a tasting before finalizing the wedding menu.

wedding menu

Try and keep service staff behind the wedding buffet to serve guests. They are experienced and will serve decent portions, instead of guests helping themselves with liberal portions which are then wasted. Where ever possible, do smaller pre-platted portions of desserts so that even if a guest does not like it, there is little wastage as opposed to otherwise. They can always help themselves to a second serving if they like anything in particular.

Balance out your cocktail snacks and main course. It you keep too many starters, guests will get stuffed and will lead to wastage of the main course. Also make sure you balance the veg and non-veg items on the wedding menu if you have a mixed et of guests.

Last but not the least, always make sure there is service staff to assist kids who come alone to take food at the wedding buffet.

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