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Tips On Compiling The Ideal Wedding Guest List

Guest list for a wedding

Your guest list is very important and forms an integral part of the wedding preparations. It may get very stressful to compile an ideal guest list as you wouldn’t want to leave out any one but at the same time you have to remember that a lot of factors can affect your guest list. The major ones are the capacity of the wedding venue and your wedding budget. Depending on your wedding budget you would select the venue and depending on the capacity of the wedding venue you will have to draft your wedding guest list. Also you need to make sure you balance the cost per head and the number of people. If you are trying to cut down on your wedding guest list, then restrict your list to the people who mean the most to you. By doing this, not only will it be an intimate wedding with guests you personally know, but also you could include more choices and spend that money on something else which means the most to you. Maybe go all out with your décor, your dream-wedding ensemble or whatever means a lot to you!

wedding guest list

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A simple way would be to first determine the total number of guests you can have. Also consider the number of guests that your fiancée and his/her family will have from their side. Then you can start off by dividing the total number between your family and your fiancées family. Once this is in place, you could start to list guests under various tabs like family, close friends, work colleagues, acquaintances and distant relatives.  Now, if after drafting the complete list you feel it’s too long then you need to start striking out names. This would be easy if you follow the tip mentioned above on listing guests under various tabs. You would first start striking out names under the acquaintance tab and the distant relatives tab as you may have met them only once or twice in your lifetime. Another way would be to have two lists, one of “must invite guests” and the other “like to invite”. Depending on RSVPs you could then move guests between the two lists. As soon as you start receiving RSVP’s and you know if someone from the “must invite guest list” is not coming you can add some one from the “like to invite” list.

We hope the tips mentioned above help while making your wedding guest list!

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