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Tips for the Bride’s Wedding Speech

brides speech

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“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company
than a good marriage.”

– Martin Luther King.

It is romantic and deep quotes like these that make weddings all the more special. Wedding speeches are meant to be a little snippet of the occasion at hand, the people who have just entered wedded bliss, families, friends etc. Whether it’s the groom’s speech, the father of the bride or the best man, wedding speeches should be short, sweet and from the heart with a little touch of humour. Nowadays, a lot of brides like giving a speech too and it is definitely a great way to express your overwhelming emotions on a big day such as this. A few handy tips:

Start jotting down stuff as soon as you think of, hear or read something you would like to include in your speech. Scrambling to find the right words at the last minute is not pleasant.

If you really do want to give a speech but are petrified of public speaking, consider doing a double act with your groom. A sweet, witty double banter type of speech is always a crowd pleaser and if you stick to words that match your personalities, you will be comfortable too.

Another way to calm your nerves is to simply go first before the others. Then you can finish, relax and enjoy the other speeches and the thoughts behind them.

Indian weddings are emotional and vibrant affairs where smiles and happy tears are always in plenty! So it’s fine to let your emotions come through in your wedding speech. It need not be a long, lengthy discourse but a brief speech that is genuine.

Look online for inspiration as well as quotes and dialogues that you can pepper your speech with. If you find the ready lines a little corny, there’s a simple enough fail-proof format to follow and personalize:

1) An opening line that draws attention.

2) Thank your family and friends.

3) Something appreciative about both sets of families – how thankful you are to your parents for everything or how your in-laws have raised such a great guy and so on…

4) A cute or funny story about the two of you; the sweeter the better to captivate the audience! For example anecdotes about how you guys met, your first impression of him, what you love about him etc. Or even a really personal and heart-felt message to your husband is perfect.

5) You can include a general appreciative note about your guests like how great they all look and how happy you are to see them here.

6) End with a closing line thanking everyone or a toast. You can even introduce the next speaker.

Lastly, relax, you are the bride…and this one day you can do no wrong!! Stay tuned for more interesting reads from Marry Me – Wedding planners in India.


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  1. Posted August 10, 2011 at 1:56 am | Permalink

    Some really helpful advice ~ I’m so pleased that more brides are giving speeches now.

  2. Posted August 10, 2011 at 7:42 am | Permalink

    This is a wonderful article! Great tips!

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