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Tips for a Happy Marriage

happy marriage tips

You may have heard the Beatles croon ‘all you need is love’, but for a happy marriage simply loving each other may not be all there is it! Once the glow of the wedding festivities and honeymoon comes to an end, there’s real life marriage to contend with; and we have put together a few of the most popular tips to help you get started on your happily ever after:

happy marriage tips typographyAccept each other, warts and all: There is a lot to be said for loving and respecting your partner and accepting them as a whole. While there will always be certain habits that annoy you, be aware of, cherish and respect those characteristics, personality traits and quirks that make them uniquely them. After all it is said there is no such thing as a perfect man / woman but simply one who is perfect for you!

Communicate: There is one thing that is always a big ingredient for a peaceful marriage and that is communication. Talk about things that make you happy and unhappy, things you love for what they are and things you feel you could work on; and over time you can have your own blissful balance. It is also said that you should never go to bed angry, sometimes agree to disagree and pick your battles. And although this is all sage advice, sometimes as a couple you will make your own communication rules too.

all you need is love

Have fun together: This is one of the most helpful and recommended tips across the board. Although your relationship may be tested in trying times, making the time to simply have fun as a couple does wonders to strengthen the bond. In a new marriage it can lay a good foundation for the future and in an older one, it can remind you of how much you love being with your spouse. So always reserve a special ‘us’ time and fill it with activities that you love to do or want to try. Go on dates, make each other laugh, learn something new together and more; Keep the romance and fun alive!

And remember there is no cookie-cutter version of an ideal marriage. Every situation, couple and marriage is as unique as the people who inhabit them!

Write to us at Marry Me and let us know what you think are great tips for a happy marriage.

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