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Tips for a Great Groom’s Speech


Image Credit : Kirk Chantraine

It’s quite a common Western tradition for the groom, best man, father of the bride, maid of honour etc. to give a short speech during the wedding reception and it’s becoming increasingly popular in Indian weddings too. Family members and even close friends of the bride and groom often give a sweet speech toasting the newlyweds during the wedding reception or Sangeet and cocktail functions but none are more important than the one given by the groom…it is partly your day after all and the spotlight definitely shines brighter on you!

If the thought of putting together and giving a short, poignant and Oscar worthy speech with hundreds of guests and your beaming bride watching you is giving you the nightmares, fret not.. The groom’s speech does not have to be an award worthy long winded affair, what matters is that it is from the heart and genuine and honestly a couple of minutes is more than enough. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Your speech should include a few ‘thank-yous’. Thank your guests for being there with you and your bride on your wedding. Give mention to your family and friends or whoever helped you with the wedding planning. Don’t go rambling on; keep it short, sweet and genuinely appreciative.
  2. When preparing your speech think about all the things you love about your bride and your special moments together and note them down. Narrating a cute story about her or how you two met is a great idea and when praising your lovely bride always look at her in the eyes. Make it romantic and loving. Thanking her parents for their amazing daughter is a really sweet touch and will score you big time brownie points!
  3. Adding a joke or two or a humorous anecdote to the groom’s speech is a good way of keeping your audience interested and infusing your personality into the speech. But remember to keep the jokes event appropriate. Also if you don’t have that kind of personality, forced witticism or one-liners just for the sake of it, will fall badly flat.
  4. End it with saying how happy you are and something that expresses how much you will cherish this day. A nice joke is a good ending too. If there is someone else giving a speech after you, you can give them an intro.

Remember if you prepare something that’s from the heart, even the simplest words have a big impact.

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