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The World’s Longest Wedding Dress Train!


A model displayed the world’s longest bridal train on the 20th of March, 2012 in Bucharest in a hot air balloon which floated over the city center carrying the model donning the creative outfit. The model’s wedding gown billowed out over the main boulevard in Romania’s capital as the hot air balloon rose over the city.

Trains on wedding dresses are often quite long and require a couple of bridesmaids to keep them in place, but this 2,750 meter long train took things to a whole new level. The train took 100 days to make and broke the record of the longest train listed in the Guinness Book of World Records which was 2,488 meters long and had been created by a Dutch designer.


Ten craftsmen were working on this glorious design and the raw material was imported from various other countries.  The lace was bought from France while Taffeta and other fabrics were bought from Italy costing several thousand pounds. It took 15,420 feet of taffeta, 18.04 feet of Chantilly lace, 147.64 feet of lining, 1857 sewing needles and 150 spool threads to create this masterpiece.

Model wears the wedding dress with the longest tail in the world

If a real bride was to walk the aisle wearing this dress, she would need a venue the size of four football fields and an entire NFL team of bridesmaids to hold the train! Stay tuned for more interesting wedding news right here on Marry Me’s wedding blog!

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