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The Summer Bride

Clear blue skies, golden sunshine and colourful flowers; there is something so invigorating about the summers! It’s no wonder that so many couples in India decide to start their lives together with a beautiful and vibrant summer wedding. The summer months can be a pretty busy wedding season and the weather really doesn’t help keep your head cool in the wedding planning process…so here are a few handy tips for you lovely summer brides.

The bigger picture: Planning a wedding in India in the summer months needs a little extra brainstorming. The weather in almost all of India ranges from warm to scorching hot in the summers, so the extra planning is a must when it comes to your comfort and that of your guests. Another thing to keep in mind is that summer school and college holidays means loads of people will be travelling, so inform your guests of your wedding dates well in advance and make sure you do all your travel and accommodation bookings too. It can get chaotic, so hiring a wedding planner can be a big help.

The wedding venue and location: Choose your summer wedding venue wisely. You want that blush on your cheeks to be because of happiness or artful make-up not because of a heatstroke! Outdoor weddings especially in the summer can be really pretty, but make sure it’s comfortable. If your function is in the day time make sure you go check the venue out around the time you are planning to have it. Arrange for plenty of portable fans and coolers so everyone is comfortable. An outdoor do in the night can be a lot cooler and much more convenient. If it’s an indoor wedding, make sure the airconditioners work well and there’s plenty of ventilation. The summers are a great time to consider having a destination wedding like at a cool hill station.

The food: Since food is such an important part of any event in India, most couples go nuts planning the wedding menu. While you will probably have the heavier rice and curry dishes, try and have a few lighter options more suited to the warm weather. Crisp salads, fresh juices, light finger foods and even chaat are good for the summer. Serve plenty of cool drinks and light, fruity cocktails and mocktails.

The fashion: Not only do you as a bride want to look your ravishing best but be at ease too. Wedding ceremonies can be so very lengthy and wearing something weather inappropriate only makes it seem longer. Look for lehengas, sarees or gowns etc. in lighter-weight and more breathable fabrics, especially if you are going to be outside – this applies to your groom as well. Most brides want something heavy and ornate for the ceremony and reception, so you could try cooler fabrics and bare a little more skin for functions like the mehendi or cocktail party. Summer definitely invokes a fun, energetic vibe making it a great time to play with nice bright, summery colours and fun designs. Another area to go light – the makeup! Sheer, radiant and fresh is what you should aim for. Waterproof makeup is a must; you do not want your pretty face melting off mid-way through the shindig!

Summer weddings done right can be gorgeous, so plan well and start your married life hitch-free in the golden sunshine.

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