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The Prince, the Princess and a Fairytale Reception

A romantic, fairytale wedding is one many girls dream of ever since they read their first Cinderella story. However, since we often follow rituals and religious customs when it comes to Indian weddings, why not go all out with a wonderfully romantic reception. Themed weddings and receptions are super trendy and extremely fun so make yours one that expresses your personality to the tee. This one is definitely for all the hardcore romantics out there!

Planning a fairytale or romance themed reception begins with finding the perfect venue. A cookie cutter hotel banquet hall may not be the most romantic venue around, even if you dress it up well. Look for beautiful gardens, open air terraces or a hall with vintage accents. Choose a setting that exudes romance with touches like glittering chandeliers, twinkling candles or an open starry sky. An experienced wedding planner in India will be able to help you locate a venue that fits your theme and connect you with the right vendors to create the perfect ambiance. Specific themes like a whimsical butterfly theme, a Valentine’s Day or a Romeo & Juliet theme can be achieved with the right decorations.

The décor can make or break your fairytale reception. Dim, mood lighting is perfect to create an intimate feel and of course is extremely flattering! Romance can come in gorgeous pale pastels as well as rich, jewel tones so pick your favourite and go the whole nine yards; being too subtle may not work this time people! Flowers are a must; big, bold floral arrangements, small clusters of tiny roses or a single orchid in a crystal vase…so dreamy. Prettify the tables and chairs with things like satin covers in yummy colours, ribbons and bows. And remember the more it sparkles, the better! Think about personalising your reception with small party and table favors like a card with your favourite fairytale printed on it or candles with your initials. Remember there is a fine line between an opulent fairytale-like feel and just plain loud and tacky, so try and enlist the help of a professional wedding planner in India and a good wedding decorator in India and have a friend around who you know will give you an honest opinion.

This is the time where you can have fun with your clothes too. Floor-length gowns for the bride and a smart tuxedo for the groom are perfect fairytale material. If you want to stick to Indian wear go for something with an old-world glamour. End the night with some bubbly champagne and caviar before you head off on your horse-drawn carriage. This could be the beginning of your very own Happily Ever After. .

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  1. Brande Mazzo
    Posted February 2, 2011 at 11:13 am | Permalink

    Cool! This makes things clearer! I will sure will check this whole blog out again, thanks again!

  2. Annalisa
    Posted November 12, 2011 at 9:36 pm | Permalink

    sincerely…I love this post

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