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The Oh So Romantic… Roses!

Roses used for Indian weddings

It is difficult to think about romance without the image of beautiful, fragrant roses coming to mind. A hugely popular flower in weddings around the world, the rose has captivated poets, authors, and brides to be for ages! Flowers play a big role in Indian weddings from being used as part of the wedding decorations to being used to shower blessings on the couple and roses are always a favourite.

With colours ranging from a deep luscious red to blush pinks and the purest of whites, this flower is perfect for weddings and its romantic symbolism stems from various sources of ancient history, myths and folklore. Roses have various kinds of symbolism in different societies – the rose was associated with the goddesses like Venus and Aphrodite, in ancient Greece and Rome or according to some ancient folklore roses were an important ingredient used in magical love potions!

Some say that the association of roses in Indian history dates back thousands and thousands of years where this beautiful flower was the object of debate between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu and adorned Vishnu’s divine garden! References to roses are also found in several old texts and were often used as a symbol to express the beauty and prosperity in the land. The Mughal Emperors in India were also apparently very smitten by this flower and reportedly gifted their allies and loved ones loads of roses. Almost all cultures from Christianity to Buddhism have a symbolism and cultural reference to roses. These fragrant blooms are quite literally the stuff stories and poems are made of!

Of course they say that the different colours have unique meanings like red  – love, white – purity and innocence, pink – platonic love etc. With so much meaning and more importantly beauty, its’ no wonder we find roses strewn all over the décor in weddings in India. An elegant and romantic flower, they are used in the Mandap decoration, table decoration and even for wedding garlands and for adorning the groom’s turban. With colours ranging from yellow to burgundy and everything in between, as well as different sizes from big luscious blooms to tiny blossoms, there’s a rose for everyone and all occasions! Hope this blog post will help you explore more flower options with your wedding decorator in Mumbai.

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