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The Importance of Lighting at Your Indian Wedding

wedding lighting in India

Brides and grooms often go quite nuts planning their wedding, there is so much to think of, decide on and pay for after all. Things like the possible wedding venue, the wedding menu, the guest list, the theme, the wedding décor and so much more. One of the more commonly overlooked aspects while planning a wedding ceremony and wedding reception however is the lighting. And a costly mistake it is too! Wedding lighting is one of the most important factors in creating the perfect setting for your dream wedding.

Indian weddings whether big or small are vibrant, fun and enthusiastic events. Why affect all that vitality with horrible lighting. Like decorative, musical and design enhancements help create the perfect ambience, so does the lighting. Wedding lighting when badly done can ruin the most detailed planning and all the décor aspects in which you are probably pumping lots of your wedding budget into. It is probably the most vital aspect that helps create the ambience you desire. Go too dark and all the lovely details will be missed and if there’s too much harsh lighting everything looks overexposed.

Talk to your wedding planner about the right professionals for the job. Choose the kind of lighting that suits the venue and the time of day or night your function is going to be held at. Check the natural light available for a daytime event before you decide on what you want. If you are having an evening do visit the site when dark to get an assessment of how much lighting you will require and what kind. Make sure you check what fixed lighting the venue offers and their placement.

The lighting can make or break your desired ambience. If you have different ‘areas’ within the same space or room like the dance floor, the stage, the bar, the dinner tables etc. you can highlight each area with its own level and type of lighting. The lighting a dance area or the stage area will have should be different from the ambient lighting you plan on having for the rest of the space. Your wedding lighting isn’t just something to illuminate a room, but an extremely important tool you can use to create textures, set the mood and highlight key design features or the elements you want to draw attention to as well as certain others you want to shadow. You can change the level of illumination during different parts of the event as well for e.g. a more ambient dim lighting during the ceremony can be transformed into to something brighter and more colourful during dinner and dancing.

amazing wedding lighting

Apart from the basic lighting you need to actually light up the area consider using them as décor elements like pretty lanterns and diyas near the mandap, dramatic sculptural light pieces, and ethereal floating lights or in small table centerpieces. If you are planning to use coloured lights make sure the colours don’t clash with the colour scheme and more importantly compliment most Indian skin tones.

Mood lighting can accentuate all the beauty and can be used to camouflage the not so perfect aspects as well. So make sure you budget for it and get the most you can in your range… let there be light!

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