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The Best Places for Wedding Photography

The backdrop of a photograph plays a very important part in determining the entire look of the final photograph.  A distracting or inappropriate backdrop can reduce the effect of an otherwise breathtaking shot. So think very carefully about the backdrop for your photographs. This can help you capture and enhance every special moment, especially when it comes to the most important day of your life.

Here are some locations, which provide amazing photography backdrops that will no doubt create stunning images.

Mount Yoshino, Japan

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Mt. Yoshino is one of Japan’s most sacred sites and a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its 3000 cherry trees. The flowers, which begin blooming gradually from the base of the mountain, spreading to the top, form a picturesque backdrop for photographs. If you desire privacy around these spots, it is advisable to visit any time on a weekday morning so that you avoid the weekend crowd of tourists.

Juizhaigou Valley National Park, China

Mount Yoshino, Japanvia :

Juizhaigou Valley literally means “the valley of nine villages” and is located in north Sichuan province of China.  This is a nature reserve famous for its beautiful landscapes, waterfalls and display of varied colored lakes and rivers. The beautiful seasonal display of flowers, waterfalls, clear skies and the falling snow paints a mesmerizing picture for anyone visiting it. The brightly colored flora and fauna combined with the clear deep blue waters give every picture a wonderful abstract of striking colors.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Juizhaigou Valley National Park, China via :

Angel Falls is the world’s tallest natural waterfall, at a height of more than 3000 feet. The mist around the falling water along with the tropical sun creates breathtaking scenery, which leaves you spell bound. This is a great spot for romantic wedding photographs as well as pre wedding shoots.

Istanbul, Turkey

Aya Sofya Church, Istanbulvia :

Being under the influence of the Western civilization and the Ottoman Empire for more than hundred years, present day Istanbul is a beautiful waterside city, a melting pot of diverse cultures and people. The panoramic view of the waters surrounding the city, the astounding architecture of the historical buildings, the paintings and mosaic works found in the churches and mosques and the bustling, colorful markets of Istanbul provides a variety of backdrops for you to choose from.

Banaue Rice Terraces, the Philippines

Banaue Rice Terraces, the Philippinesvia :

For 2000 years now, people from the Luzon island just north of Manila, have been cultivating food from a land which was hand carved from the rocks by their ancestors.  These amazing mountainside rice terraces cover around 4,000 square miles and lies 5000ft above sea level. Now we move on to an interesting mix of both history and nature, as evidenced by these 2,000-year-old curiosities. The magnificent lush green rice terraces stretched like stepping stones to the sky brings a warm, appealing feeling to any pictures you plan to take.

Guest Post via : Wedding Guide Asia

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  1. Sangeeta
    Posted November 10, 2011 at 12:44 pm | Permalink

    love this article. Wish I can take photographs at all these locations!

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