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The Bejeweled Groom

jewellry for indian groom

Who says, Indian weddings are all about only brides getting dressed; Indian grooms have been donning jewellery from the years gone by. Off course the amount of jewellery worn by an Indian groom is much less as compared to an Indian bride, but it still is an integral part of the grooms look for the big day!

Since the jewellery worn by grooms is very limited, we think it should be super stylish. It is extremely difficult to source the perfect jewellery for the groom as there are very few stores which stock jewellery and accessories for grooms. Some of the top notch jewelers in Mumbai who design trendy and unique pieces of jewellery for men include Anmol jewelers and Ganjam jewelers. Here are some of our picks for the groom who wants to get decked on the big day!

The brooch is something which can pep up a simple outfit and make it more glamorous. A brooch is a perfect accessory for an outfit in a single bold colour. It can break the monotony by adding a stylish twist to it.

jewellry for weddings anmol man

Necklaces add a charming touch to the grooms look. The multi-layer necklace looks stunning and rich and was usually worn by the Maharajas back in time. There are a couple of variations in terms of style to this traditional piece of jewellery depending on the cultural background of the groom. For example, a Rajasthani groom would wear a multi-layered necklace crafted using Jadau technique whereas a groom from Hyderabad would wear the same necklace but crafted out of pearls.

jewelry for grooms in India

Other variations to this necklace would be interspersing the pearls with semi-precious stones etc.

Anmol men's wear jewellry collection

Diamond studded or chunky Jadau pendants paired with stylish chains is also a good option for grooms who want to turn heads and draw some attention.

We hope our insights will inspire all style conscious grooms to indulge…happy shopping!

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