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Tents And More For Your Indian Wedding

Indian wedding tents

Do you remember the gaudy red yellow, purple wedding shamianas or tents that were used in almost every wedding back in the day, especially in Indian villages? The most striking feature of these tents, we remember were the inbuilt cloth chandeliers, scallops and frills in vivid colors. The colors were never in sync with any theme which made it stand out and almost quite unattractive to look at.

 As Indian weddings got fancier and trendier, these tents were shunned and tents which coordinate with the theme and enhanced the look of the venue were preferred. Tents are used in almost every wedding today, be it creating miniature tents inside a venue or huge tents in outdoor venues. The benefit of tented weddings is that you can start your décor from scratch. Sometimes it may so happen that the venue is ideal in terms of cost and capacity, but may not go in sync with your theme because of its gaudy wall color, chipping wall paint or ugly ceilings. Opting for a tented wedding solves this problem as you can choose the look of your tent, the color of the walls and the ceiling décor. You are able to personalize every element of the décor and transform the space into what you have visualized for your wedding day. If you have already decided on an indoor venue and love the look of a tented reception, it is possible to scatter smaller tents on the periphery.

Moroccan inspired Indian wedding tent

Tents are very popular in Mehendi and sangeet functions, especially with Moroccan or Arabian themes. You can amaze your guests and transport them to another world by putting together a gorgeous tent setting. For outdoor venues, depending on the weather, you can have a tent with an open or a transparent roof so your guest can enjoy a clear night sky. Or have strips of fabric stretched across the tent roof which will not cover your tent entirely and still give you a lovely ceiling effect. If your venue offers beautiful natural surroundings, take advantage of it by leaving the walls of the tent partially or completely open.

wedding tent for mehendi in India

Decorating a tent does not have to be fancy and expensive. A simple tent roof lined with strings of buntings or lanterns or even fairy lights looks very pretty and doesn’t cost much.

Indian wedding reception inside tent with japanese lanters

Ribbons, jars filled with flowers or colored confetti, floral strings or strings of beads hung at different levels can also be an option. For a more dramatic and royal wedding look consider stringing crystals or a single chandelier in the centre of your tent. Your tent poles can be wrapped artistically with fabrics, flowers or ferry lights to add to the effect.

luxury tent for wedding reception

We would love to know how you used tents at your Indian wedding.

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