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Survival Tips for Your Bachelorette Weekend

There’s nothing worse than a dull bachelorette party or weekend out, unless it’s an unsafe one! Planning a  bachelorette bash that is fun for all those attending can be a task but it’s a must-do for a night or nights that everyone especially the bride will remember (and for all the good reasons!). Whether you plan a night out with the girls or a weekend long trip or celebrations, here are a few basic tips to survive this exciting rite of passage, with your sanity intact:

  1. Mix and mingle – The bride is bound to have different sets of close friends that may not necessarily socialise with each other otherwise. Since everyone has gathered to celebrate their friendships with the bride to be and her special day, a bachelorette party can fail big time if people go off and sit in their own separate cliques. An enjoyable way to break the ice is to organise games. Bachelorette games can be super fun and you can learn a lot about each other in the process. Do make sure you find out how comfortable everyone is with the level of naughtiness a lot of these games have. You can get tons of game ideas of the net and even make up some of your own. Games where you are tested on how well you know the bride, karaoke or truth and dare ones are always good bets.
  2. Plan well – Make sure you plan well ahead, send out the invites so that everyone special to the bride can make it. Decide on which clubs you might want to visit and do your spa and hotel bookings so there are no last minute glitches. Since most bachelorette weekends involve some drinking make sure you find a hotel close to the bars you plan to visit. If you are heading out of town for the weekend do make sure all travel bookings are done in advance and do some research on the places you would like to visit. The bride’s best friend normally does most of the planning but it can get too much trying to coordinate plans for a bunch of different women, so designate jobs; that way not only is one person doing the running around but everyone feels involved in the making the celebration special.
  3. Put aside some down time – Bachelorette weekends can be super hectic and will probably involve late nights and lots of girly activities. If you are planning more than a one-nighter, make a plan that will let everyone relax and put their feet up for a while like spa sessions, massages or a leisurely meal. With a longer trip, make sure there’s that all days aren’t chock-a-block with activities so everyone can get a little bit of ‘me’ time.
  4. Stay safe – Last but not the least, always be safe! Since it’s just going to the girls, exercise a little extra caution. Stay together as a group and make sure no one is left stranded at any point. Find hotels and party spots in safe localities and travel together as a group. Since there is probably going to be shots and cocktails involved make sure you eat well and always either designate a driver or hire one for the night.

Stay tuned for more tips and information on Bachelorette parties and other pre-wedding stuff for Marry Me – Wedding Planners.

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