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Have a Super Fun Bridal Shower!

bridal shower

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Nowadays bridal showers as we know it are a gifting party of sorts for the bride to be. It’s an event where a gathering of the bride’s closest friends and family, usually just women, gather to celebrate her upcoming wedding.

This is a very special occasion for the bride who is about to embark from her single status into married life. Traditionally, a Western custom, bridal showers of a different kind are embedded in many Indian weddings as well, as part of different functions. It was also a tradition that emerged from the practice of arranging for a bride’s dowry and also making sure she has all the essential bits and pieces to start her new life well equipped.

Nowadays the bridal shower has evolved into a fun party that allows the bride to enjoy the well-wishes and gifts that she is quite literally showered with on that day! It is her time to forget about all the wedding stress and enjoy and allow herself to be pampered by her nearest and dearest. Normally, the responsibility of arranging a shower falls to the maid of honour or the bridesmaids; if there isn’t a bridal party per se, it will be the closest friends and family who do the needful.

There are a few ways to make the bridal shower more fun. One of the best ways to mark the occasion is to have a themed event. Everyone loves an enjoyable theme and a good themed party! They could be centered on an activity that the bride enjoys like a spa party (think at home-beauticians, pampering product favours etc.) or her favourite TV show like Friends or Sex & the City. It could be a place like a romantic Parisian themed brunch or a fabulous Indian one too.

Another bridal shower must-have is the games. Games like Bridal Bingo or something where the guests are given points for the information they know about the soon to be newlyweds is fun. You can even have a round where everyone present talks a little about the bride and groom (if he is present) and shares a funny anecdote about them. Games are a great way to break the ice and always end up in loads of laughs. You can find ready games or even think up some creative games of your own.

And of course one of the most fun parts about a bridal shower is the gift-giving and opening! If you are planning a shower for the bride make sure you let the other attendees know about the wedding registry if any. If there are just really close friends and family members present then this is also a good time to give all the personal presents. You can also plan it such that people give her a small gift and explain the sweet or funny story behind it; this of course works only with people the bride is really close to.

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