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Stylish Seating For Your Guests

sash chair tie backs for modern themed weddingx

Be it a destination wedding, a royal Indian wedding, a tropical wedding or a beach party, seating is something that you need to look into irrespective of what your theme is or where and when your wedding is. Since this is something you cannot avoid, you might as well go all out – remember the details matter! No matter how good your flower arrangements are or how elaborate your stage is, ugly or shabby seating can undermine all your efforts and spoil the entire look of your day. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when deciding on your wedding seating arrangements.

flower wedding chair decor

The classic wooden chairs, of the days gone by did not need any kind of sprucing up and looked pretty just as they are. But with hotels opting for the more durable metal banquet chairs, these pretty chairs have become rare or extinct! And since the banquet chairs are used repeatedly for events, they may not always be in top shape and which is why you need chair linen to cover the faults.

Not many people bother about chair linen during the initial wedding planning stage and are in for a shock on the actual event day. Most vendors have basic chair covers, which are torn, damaged or soiled from wear and tear. The chair covers are standard for all types and size of chairs and hence the fitting is something you need to check to avoid it looking loose and shabby.

red and orange chair and table covers

The covers are available in basic colors of black, white or an occasional purple, yellow-gold or blue. If you think these colors will not work with your wedding color scheme, check with the vendor if he can make new covers for your event. If not, your safest bet would be to use white chair covers with a colored sash or bow around it. If you are one of those who think chair covers with a sash or bow are too over done, you should definitely read ahead.

Diwan covers, chair covers and tie backs in rich jeweled tones for a Moroccan theme or Indian brocades for a royal wedding will look fabulous and add to the ambience.

chairs decorated for Indian wedding

Tie backs in Ikat, Bandhini, block prints and chikankari will look perfect for a traditional Indian theme. You can make it more interesting by adding tassels, cords, beads, motifs, buckles or brooches to the bow.

brooch on back of chair cover for Indian wedding

You can even tie the sash itself in unusual styles to make it look more different.

tie back ideas for western wedding reception

If you don’t like the look of tie backs, chair caps are something you can replace them with. A string of fresh flowers hung loose around the chairs also looks very pretty. Check out some of these floral garland chair backs which can definitely be replicated with Indian flowers like orange or yellow marigolds, mogras or roses as well.

budda inspired formal Indian wedding dinner

Colorful ribbons hung from the back of the chair are perfect for an outdoor rustic or vintage themed wedding. If you’re a DIY bride, you can use your origami or craft skills to create interesting detailing on your tie backs! If you want something different but are on a budget, you can string a few beads on a cord or string some paper cutouts of elephants or hearts and use it in place of your sash!

ribbons used to decorate chairs

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