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So where do You Plan to Get Married? Goa or Rajasthan?

As the wedding season is on, wedding planners are busy organizing weddings for their clients and giving each of them a unique wedding experience. Choosing a destination is one of the most stressful parts of the wedding planning process for some clients. However it doesn’t always have to be so! While some couples favour a more conservative and traditional setup, some couples like places like Goa, which have a very modern, and liberal feel.

. What most wedding planners do is prepare a list of things that the clients are looking for when envisioning their wedding and then work according to that, keeping in mind the budget of course. Here is a little about two of India’s most popular wedding destinations:

  • Rajasthan

As we all know, Rajasthan is the fairytale wedding destination of many couples. Being one of the most famous destinations for weddings, Rajasthan still holds true to its image as the upholder of traditional and royal culture. While planning a wedding in Rajasthan, a wedding planner is expected to capture the touch of the Rajasthani traditions, right from booking palaces as the venue for the wedding to getting the local artists to perform for the events. Due to its scenic beauty and the atmosphere that oozes old-world charm and charisma, Rajasthan is famous not only among high-profile clients in India but has also charmed famous personalities from all over the world.

  • Goa

This Indian state not only attracts tonnes of tourists every year but is also growing in popularity among couples who want to have a wedding by the beach in a breezy, laidback manner. From drinks to the menu, the décor to the invites, all of these would ideally depict the same relaxed feel of a Goa wedding.

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