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Skincare with Avene

Indian bride facial

I get many brides who want to get started on their pre wedding skin care treatments before the big day! A lot of brides are extremely confused – there is so much out there to choose from and you want to have the best skin ever! Well, first and most important; start taking care of yourself at home – both inside and outside –. Drink lots of water, eat a balanced, healthy diet and of course either walk, join a gym or maybe even start yoga classes. On the outside, don’t experiment with too many different products! Find a set of products that works for you and stick with it – at least for a while. Most important, don’t change and experiment with new products right before your big day! You don’t want any unnecessary breakouts!

I, of course, have my own set of preferred products and one of the brands I absolutely love is Avene. I am in love with the Avene Thermal Spring Water, which is one of their best selling products. So when I had a bunch of new Avene products sent to me to try out, I was all excited! Here is what I thought:

Step 1: Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser – This is actually supposed to be great for acne prone skin. I have a dry to combination skin type and found that this is brilliant. It’s extremely gentle on the skin but strong enough to remove the craziest amounts of makeup. I followed with a spritz of my favourite Avene Thermal Spring Water! I’m addicted and this is definitely a must have in your bridal kit, we think!


Interesting fact: Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser was tested twice a day for 21 days by 30 people who had acne prone skin. 100 percent of the users noticed clearer skin after just 15 days!

Step 2: Avene Triacneal Skin Care – This product is great for acne. I actually passed this on to a friend who has bad acne and voila, it actually helped! So definitely, a must try for all you brides out there who are stressing out and breaking out closer to the wedding day!


Interesting fact: Avene Triacneal Skin Care was tested by 47 people with skin imperfections. By week two, 85 percent of the users noticed a decrease in residual marks.

Step 3: Avene Cleanance Mask – The great thing is that this mask actually does not dry out your skin like a lot of other masks out there. It actually unblocks your pores and moisturizes too! As a bride to be, its important to take extra special care of your skin. This mask is perfect to add to your skin care regime – with around twice a week recommended!


Interesting fact: Avene Cleanance Mask was tested by 32 people with oily skin who used it just once or twice a week. 97 percent of the users found that their skin was purified, smoother and exfoliated to their satisfaction.

We are total product junkies when it comes to skincare as well as bath & body care. Keep watching this space – we have lots more coming up!

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