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Sinful Indian Wedding Sweets on the Buffet!!


Sweets are a must in every Indian household. Festivals and happy occasions are rejoiced by indulging in rich and sinful Indian desserts. The Big Fat Indian Weddings are known for their extravagance and will not be complete without great food and an array of desserts. Handmade and carefully crafted, the list of Indian desserts is very extensive. The ingredients used to make Indian sweets are very rich like pure ghee and khoya and most Indian wedding sweets are either milk based or flour based.

In olden times when the wedding date would get finalized, both families would celebrate by sharing Motichoor ladoo. This was also one of the standard sweets at Indian weddings. But the trend has changed over the years. Today there is a plethora of mithais at Indian weddings. Also there are a lot more variations and flavours available in Indian desserts than ever before. Like chocolate barfi, butterscotch halwa, akhrot barfi, banana halwa, dry fruit jaleebi to name a few.

Nowadays you will see live counters set up for dishing out fresh Indian desserts at weddings. The idea is to be able to serve hot desserts so that they are piping hot and cold ones cold. Also presentation is very important and caterers are going out of their way to enhance the guest experience. Quite often these days, desserts are made in mini sizes and served pre-plated as compared to before where you would be given a separate bowl along with your dinner plate for a standard and common wedding sweets like Gulab Jamun. The bite-sized desserts allow you to try out the various options on the spread. Another trend catching up at weddings is a themed dessert bar counter. Like for example a mango theme, wherein all your desserts will be mango based or a strawberry and chocolate themed dessert counter in which all wedding desserts will be strawberry and chocolate based.

Going forward, Indian wedding sweets will only get bigger and better with time. Do let us know which is your favorite Indian dessert….

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