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Shopping for a Bridal Survival Kit

The minute the clock starts ticking toward wedding day, the panic starts setting in the hearts of even the most organized bride-to-be! Yes ladies there’s a lot to plan, organize and put together so you can achieve that picture perfect wedding but don’t forget the fun bits. Once your main wedding outfits and trousseau is out of the way, there’s a little more shopping you should do…think of it as your very own bridal survival kit!

It’s definitely handy having a stash of all you will need to survive your special day/days since it’s always a whirlwind of activity. Start with a pretty hold-all bag or case! Putting together this kit can be one of your best friend’s duties too. So your wedding planner in India is taking care of the wedding preps and your clothes and decision making are done, now the bridal kit will get you through all sorts of ‘emergencies’!

  1. First stock up on the basic essentials like a small sewing kit and safety pins, in case of loose buttons or beads and faulty hems.
  2. Buy some band-aids and basic tablets like those for headaches, upset tummies, etc. It will keep you well prepared when your nerves are trying to get the better of you!
  3. Mints and breath fresheners are always a good idea…a bride with not-so-fresh breath, eeew! A small travel size toothbrush and toothpaste work too.
  4. Carry your favourite make-up items. Even if you are getting your make-up done professionally it’s best to have your go-tos handy for touch-ups and corrections. Make sure there’s a nail-polish in your shade as well as cleanser, moisturizer, a small mirror and some make-up remover. Get a small travel-size version of your perfume or deodorant.
  5. A comb or brush, hairdryer and some bobby pins are useful to have.
  6. Throw in an extra pair of sandals or shoes for last minute glitches, as well as a towel, tissues and some napkins.
  7. Your wedding day can be stressful and emotional so add something to your kit that you know makes you happy like some music, a favourite picture or even some chocolate and candy!
  8. Throw in an extra pair of underwear too. If you are planning on using shape-wear having an extra of those is useful too so you have an option.

A bridal survival kit is also a great gift for a bride you love. Small special touches like a case or bag in the color she loves or a handcrafted compact mirror will have her feeling even more special on this important occasion.


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