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Set Your Heart Racing with an Adventurous Honeymoon

Lazing by a beach or pool, cocktail in hand and your spouse by your side; your idea of a perfect honeymoon…..naaah! Not if you are a true adrelanin junkie. A honeymoon need not necassarily be a conventionally romantic getaway where cozying up with your hubby or wife is the main focus. If you have an insatiable a thirst for adventure and lounging about seems like a waste of time, you need to plan a fun, adventurous trip with its own brand of fantasy. Doing something new and exciting that gets your blood pumping, can be a fabulous way to bond with your new spouse and create memories that will last you a lifetime. Even if you don’t have the time or budget to do an international trip, there’s tons to do and see in India itself and you can have the adventure honeymoon you always wanted. Here are a few ideas:

Land: Forget the wildlife at clubs and bars of the usual tourist destinations, take a trip and see what nature has to offer. There are plenty of places in India like the Kanha National Park or Corbett National Park, where you can enjoy wildlife safaris and wake up to gorgeous natural surroundings. Another kind of safari worth exepreincing are the dessert safaris; you can check the available tours in Rajasthan or internationally in places like Mexico and Dubai . Another fun option is organising treks and hikes and camp out under the stars, instead of a hotel. Or find a lovely isolated hotel with loads of hiking trails nearby; just the two of you can set off for the day and come back to the comfort of a hotel after a long, satisfying and tiring day out. Maybe you could take a long road or bike trip to a place that has a significant meaning to the two of you as a couple.

Water: There is so many things you can do if you are a water baby – rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving etc. Rafting down the Ganges or the Cauvery River can be so much more exciting than  lazing in a jacuzzi (not that it isnt fun too!) and can be something you and your spouse will do as a team. If scuba diving and snorkelling is more your scene, you can plan a honeymoon at popular diving destinations like Sri Lanka or Lakshadweep Island. While you do need prior training for a scuba dive, anyone can try their hand at snorkelling.

Air: Sky-diving, bungee jumping etc….these are definitely not for the faint of heart! Jumping out of a plane or even a bridge for that matter (with appropriate safety measures) can be super exhilerating and what better way to get the heart pumping on your honeymoon. You could even try your hand at para-gliding.

Find out about honeymoon destinations and packages that can incorporate a couple of different adventure sports as well. Adventure holidays are perfect for active honeymooners…it gets your blood racing and you can extend the sense of adventure to cozier activities as well! We at Marry Me Wedding Planners have a wide range of honeymoon packages available.


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