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Responsibilities of the Maid of Honour at an Indian Wedding


The concept of having a Maid of Honour and a bridal party is very Western, but now many Indian brides are opting for this trend. The Maid of Honour is the bride’s chief attendant and it is a privilege to be appointed as a Maid of Honour at a wedding. The bride selects her Maid of Honour and it’s usually the closest friend or the bride’s sister. She is typically unmarried but incase she is married, she is known as the Matron of Honour. The bride depends on the Maid of Honour for a lot of things right from her pre-wedding planning stages to the post wedding planning.

 The pre wedding responsibilities of the Maid of Honour would include providing emotional support to the bride. Indian weddings can get stressful at times and hence the bride needs to fall back on someone whom she can count on, here the Maid of Honour plays a very important role by always being there for the bride.

Other responsibilities include accompanying the bride while she goes shopping and fittings for her wedding outfits; help the bride through the wedding planning and even assist the bride in choosing the outfits for the bridesmaids. The Maid of Honour and bridesmaid typically wear coordinated dresses or in the case if Indian weddings, color coordinated sarees or lehengas which look great in photos!

The Maid of Honour also assists the bride address the wedding invitations, create wedding favors or centerpieces, running errands, selecting and tasting the wedding cake, and so on.

The arrangements for the bridal shower are done by the Maid of honour, and she is supposed to organize, plan and host the party.

It does not end here. The wedding day is the main day where the Maid of Honour is supposed to be with the bride while she gets ready and assist her with make-up, hair or her wedding outfit if required. Also it is the responsibility of the Maid of Honour to ensure that all the bridesmaids are ready on time.

When the bride arrives at the wedding venue, the Maid of Honour will help the bride with her gown, veil or saree drape. Also during the exchange of vows, it is the Maid of Honour who holds onto the bride’s bouquet till the ceremony is over.

An interesting fact, the concept of Maid of Honour always existed in Indian Hindu weddings, but it is termed differently depending on the community of the bride and the groom. But having a complete bridal party is still a new concept at Indian Weddings, and it’s getting very popular! A trend we love!

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