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Refreshments for your Indian Wedding | Mukhwas and Paan!

paan at Indian weddings

After meal refreshments are quite popular at Indian weddings and are a perfect ending to any Indian meal. The tradition of ending a meal with local refreshments is age old and deep rooted in India. The most common after meal refreshments in India are Mukhwas and Paan. Both these aid in digestion and cleanse the palette.

Saunf served at Indian weddings

Mukhwas comprises of an assortment of aromatic colourful seeds and nuts coated with various flavourings. Every element used in making mukhwas has some medicinal value to it. The most commonly used elements include seeds and nuts such as fennel seeds, anise seeds, sesame seeds, beetle nuts, coconuts etc. All these elements are coated with complementing flavours by adding sugar and essential oils. The refreshments are mostly sweet though a few may be savory.  The most basic form of after meal refreshment in India could be something as simple as green cardamoms, plain or coated fennel seeds, chopped and flavoured betel nuts.  These ingredients when mixed together are called mukhwas; they can even be served individually.

meetha paan served at Indian weddings

Paans are quite popular among Indians. It’s lovely to pop a well made flavoured paan of your choice after a scrumptious wedding meal. There are plenty of varieties of paans and hence it’s quite interesting to guests when they have an array of options to choose from at weddings. Couples are no longer opting for basic paan counters at weddings. At some weddings you will be spoilt for choice even if it’s just an after meal refreshment. Think of it… Chocolate Paan with a filling of chocolate syrup, kesar, gulkand (rose jam) and cashew, dipped in khus syrup and topped with almonds and raisins. It sounds very tempting.

rasmalai paan served at Indian weddings

Other popular varieties at weddings include Rasmalai Paan which has rich milk supari, kesar supari and khas supari or something as simple and innovative as Samosa Meetha Paan which is in the shape of a samosa and is available in mango, orange and pineapple flavours.

refreshments at Indian wedding

Both these refreshments are usually laid on a table placed towards the exit of the venue or sometimes near the food counter so that guests can help themselves after the meal.  Paans are laid on an ice slab and garnished with rose petals or edible silver foil while Mukhwas are usually placed in small bowls. The table displaying these refreshments looks very bright and colourful.

Indian paan

What better way to send off your guests than to offer them wonderful refreshments with lingering taste!

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