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Real Wedding | Jennifer & Mangesh

Hindu wedding

Real wedding

Let’s meet real bride Jennifer Prebis Kanvinde (Jenny). This pretty, blue eyed lady has been married to her charming husband Mangesh Kanvinde (Parag) for almost five years now and their love story was just waiting to be told. Their wedding held on the 15th & 16th of July 2006, was a lovely melting pot of cultures and traditions, with Jenny being an American Christian and Parag an Indian Hindu.

We had a tete-a-tete with Jenny about her wedding experience –

How did you guys meet? Tell us your love story (including the proposal details!)

Parag and I actually met at work, I am an x-ray technologist and my husband is a Radiologist. We were friends at work but nothing else for a long time.  When he left the hospital to find another place of employment he very sweetly sent me flowers to the hospital. A couple of months later and our friendship soon turned into love! We started dating in January 2005 and by August of 2005 my husband proposed to me.

The proposal was so sweet and I couldn’t have asked for a more special one!

Parag even included my favorite pet, my horse Tyson. My mom cleaned Tyson up and dressed up his stall with ribbons and roses. My parents called me over to their house claiming my horse was injured. So very worried I flew over to their house and ran back to the barn, only to find the stall decorated with a chair, a dozen roses and a note from my husband. It was a sweet love letter about our relationship and his love for me. Then my mom appeared and asked me to bring my horse to the front yard.  That’s where I found Parag down on bended knee, waiting to propose. The proposal was very close to the heart and very sentimental; I loved that he included my beloved horse and my parents.

How much time did you have to plan your wedding?

I had about 10 months to plan my wedding, which in my opinion was just enough time. I think any longer and it would have driven me crazy! It definitely took up more of my time then I had anticipated.

How did the planning process go? Any details you would like to share?

The planning process was a bit stressful mainly because I knew nothing about a Hindu wedding ceremony and had to rely on my husband’s friends and family to help me plan the wedding. Luckily, everyone was very helpful and the wedding went smoothly. The Christian wedding was still stressful but also fun to plan. Fortunately a friend of mine had just gotten married, so she helped me a lot with the wedding planning and details. Brides should remember to keep their cool, since it can be chaotic sometimes when you have too many hands and brains trying to help you plan.

Also, I would advise everyone to have a good wedding videographer, he captured so many moments that my professional wedding photographer never did. We decided at the last minute to hire a videographer and I’m so glad we did.

Who was involved in the wedding planning process?

My mom, sister and 2 best friends helped me plan the Christian wedding and bridal shower. My husband’s parents, two sisters and several of his close friends helped us plan the Hindu wedding. If it wasn’t for their help and support I would have never made it through the Hindu wedding!

Where was the wedding held and why did you pick this venue/location?

The Hindu wedding was at my aunt and uncle’s house. They have a large house with a gorgeous backyard and large lake; it was an ideal setting for our intimate wedding.  The Christian wedding was at Lander Haven, which had a large reception hall and beautiful outside setting for the ceremony.

Tell us about yours and your groom’s clothes, your makeup/hair etc..

For the Christian wedding, the groom and groomsmen wore black tuxedos with red vests. For the Hindu wedding ceremony my groom wore an Indian churidar kurta. The bridesmaids wore long, red dresses and I wore a traditional white wedding dress with a diamond tiara and veil. My hair was curled and half up half down. For the Hindu ceremony I wore a blue and pink chainiya choli, traditional Indian wedding jewelry, and henna on my hands. I decided to keep my make-up elegant and subtle on both occasions.

Tell us about the ceremonies and reception as well as some of your favourite moments.

We had the Hindu ceremony on Saturday and that was quite a fun learning experience for me, mainly because I didn’t really know what to expect since I had never seen a Hindu wedding before! The food was great, we had it catered by a popular Indian restaurant, and many of my American friends loved the taste of the authentic Indian cuisine. We didn’t have a reception afterward since I had to go back home to my parents’ house that evening and get ready for the Christian wedding the next day.

The following day was chock-a-block and I really had to plan it well. All the bridesmaids and I went in the morning to get our hair and nails done. We then headed over to the hall to start getting dressed and also for my friends and me to hang out one last time as the single Jenny Prebis. At this time many thoughts went through my head as to what this day meant and what the future holds. I can see why some women panic at this point because this is the last day of being single, living on your own and enjoying the many other freedoms you once had as a single woman.

I then started getting dressed, which is always fun and scary since you are trying to get yourself in this small white dress and making sure it still looks good in since you last tried it on a month ago!

The ceremony went really well. We had 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen comprising of my sister, my step daughter, friends and my husband’s nephew and cousin. They walked down the aisle first, and then came my step-son who was the ring bearer, then me the bride. My dad walked me down the aisle, gave me a kiss then handed me off to my husband.  Our ceremony lasted about 20 minutes. After that we took several pictures while the guests mingled and had hor d’oeuvres. Once the photo session was over we all gathered back in the hall for a bride and groom dance, announcing us as the newly married Kanvinde couple!

Then we sat in our seats and started eating our delicious meal. Once that was done the best man and maid of honor gave their funny/sentimental speeches about us and then the party began. We had lots of dancing and of course more pictures and mingling with our guests. The day and evening went so fast, it felt like such a blur. This was the main reason I was happy we got a videographer, because a couple weeks later we sat down and watched the wedding video and couldn’t believe how many things we had missed at our wedding.

They were two very special and fun days, but I’m so glad they are over.

Did you have any pre-wedding parties?

We had a bridal shower, a bachelor and bachelorette parties. The bridal shower was fun and we got lots of gifts such as household items and money. My bachelorette party was held by my maid of honor. We started at her house with games and drinks and the proceeded to downtown Cleveland to several bars. My husband’s bachelor party consisted of men, drinks and cigars held at our house (mine seemed more fun) Ha ha!

Lastly, Jenny one bit of advice to brides-to-be…

Wedding planning is enjoyable and tiring but keep your eyes on the main picture – which is the reasons you and your fiancé fell in love and the many dreams you will be able to build together in your new life.

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