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Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Ok let’s face it! A good photographer is almost as important as the groom while planning a wedding. Don’t be up in arms yet – we used the term “almost”. And just as finding the groom is no one day task, it can take you quite a while to search for the perfect photographer. The one, who takes your feedback, makes you look like a size 2 in all your pictures and is a pro at hiding all the flaws. After all, your wedding day is only going to last a few hours, but the photographs are keepers; they will stay with you forever.

So what’s the best way to test the waters before taking the plunge? Simple! Arrange a pre-wedding photo shoot. This shoot will ensure that there is good synergy between the photographer and the couple and it will also prep you to pose before the D-day!

So what are benefits of having a pre-wedding photo shoot?

Pose! Experiment! Have fun. Just like the rehearsal dinner, a pre-wedding photo shoot also gives you the chance to just let go and have fun. You can experiment with different poses and locations – something you will not get to do on your wedding day. Since you know the shoot is more of a trial and error procedure, it takes the whole pressure off. Weddings preparations, as of today, can be pretty arduous on the couple, so this day will give you an opportunity to take a break from all the chaos.

Hit or miss! At the end of the shoot, the photographer will come to know how comfortable you are in front of the camera. Also, the angles and other technicalities can be worked on with the aid of this shoot. As a professional, he can also give you handy tips so that the end results are super. And you too will get a chance to see the photographer’s work and undo your decision in case you are not happy with what you see (hopefully this will not happen – fingers crossed).

If you plan on giving a special touch to your wedding invitations and guest book by using your and your partner’s photographs then this shoot will give you just the material. The shoot can happen anywhere (some couples prefer going to places they frequented while courting), and in non-wedding attire!

Better wedding photography is surely in demand these days. Some coupes choose go abroad and some choose to do pre-wedding photo shoots in 5 different countries. Yes! we mean FIVE different countries!!

We have shown you a few pictures from Rob & Laurens pre-wedding photo shoot with  Sonal and Raj. You can checkout some more pictures of their awesome pre- wedding photo shoots at their website.

Get in touch with your wedding planner in India to arrange your pre-wedding shoot either in India or a destination of your choice.

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