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Planning your Honeymoon

Boys and girls your reward for getting through your wedding intact and sane….the honeymoon! Wedding planning can get tiresome and the wedding ceremony and all the other functions, fun as they may be are so exhausting; so planning your honeymoon is a must! A honeymoon entails not only a romantic and intimate few days with your significant other but a time to relax, unwind and just be. There are a few things to consider while planning your dream honeymoon:

The Budget – Ok the first big question…..what is your budget?? Now you may ideally want to go for a cruise around the world; beautiful yes, realistic ummm, not so much! Allocate cash apart from your wedding budget solely toward a honeymoon fund. Decide on a budget and stick to it, you do not want to come back from a refreshing holiday and be bogged down with bills and an empty bank account. Talk to your wedding planner about budgeting tips and timelines so your holiday is less of a hassle to organise. You could even request your close friends and family to contribute toward your honeymoon rather than giving you gifts and cash at the wedding. Make a list for all the possible expenses like airfare, hotels, food, sight-seeing, shopping, etc. so you aren’t caught off-guard later.

The Location – Deciding on honeymoon locations can be pain if the bride and groom have differing ideas of what they would like. You may prefer relaxing on the warm beaches of Goa, while your sweetheart may like a skiing holiday in the mountains. Sit down and discuss whether you would prefer to be within the country or go international, if it’s going to be a lazy honeymoon or an adventurous one; finding a happy medium isn’t too tough. Get recommendations and do some research online. Finding a honeymoon spot that offers you seclusion for your romantic moments and has plenty of nightlife and tourist spots close-by always works. Talk to a travel agent or look online for tour packages that can help save you money and allow you to explore multiple places.

When to go – Being allowed leave from work is one of the main problems while planning a get-away. Decide when you would like to go well in advance so you can arrange some time off.  Your honeymoon need not be immediately after the wedding; you could plan to go a few months later too making it easier to get time off as well as beef up your savings. Of course since many holiday spots are seasonal you will have to do your bookings in advance. If the weather really isn’t too big of a deal, consider going off-season; you will get better rates and probably have the place to yourself.

Ultimately your honeymoon should be about you guys as a couple; it does not matter how grand your trip is or where you end up. And besides, you may not even get out of the room much! Chocolate coated strawberries anyone?

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