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Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding

One of the most popular wedding related trends nowadays are destination weddings. Many Bollywood celebrities in 2010 have have chosen destination weddings as they get more privacy outside the main cities in India. A destination wedding is one where the couple and their family and friends travel to a beautiful destination away from home and exchange their wedding vows away from the daily grind. It’s the perfect way to have your wedding and yet feel like it’s a vacation, a romantic break from reality. Whether you want to have it at a pretty hill station close to your home city or fly to a more exotic location, destination weddings need a little extra planning and details looked into.

If there was ever a time you thought about hiring a wedding planner, this is it! Destination weddings require more coordination and planning and having someone guide you is a great idea. Firstly if you are considering a destination wedding start planning early, 6 months to a year in advance gives you plenty of time to take care of every last detail. You will also have to decide on a budget before you begin considering places to have the wedding. There’s no point falling in love with some place before you know whether you can afford the travel, accommodations, and other costs that may arise. You and your bride or groom to be need to sit and discuss what your wedding style is; if you are a casual laidback couple, a beach wedding would be perfect, if you want a more formal do, then maybe a romantic colonial hotel at a hill-side may be more apt. As soon as you finalise your destination, start looking at all the possible venues in the area and whether they have the services you need. Many hotels offer great wedding packages that care of everything from the food to the accommodations and all you need to do is show up! Start looking at prices and tickets early – it can save you a lot of money and last-minute stress.

Planning your guest-list is important too; the number of guests does influence your budget and your bookings. Be clear as to what all you will be paying for and what you expect your guests to pay for. Be courteous and give your invitees a good heads-up so they can plan and budget for this trip too. One of the nicest things about a destination wedding is that only your nearest and dearest will take the effort to be there, so it tends to become a much more intimate event. Think about who exactly you would like to share this special trip worth, fussy people whom you aren’t really close to shouldn’t make the list! Have everyone RSVP so that you can do your hotel bookings soon and probably get some good group discounts for travel and stay. If you have the budget, organize fun sight-seeing trips for the group or collect some info on what activities people can enjoy while in the area.

Do check what travel documents everyone is going to need especially if you are planning on going abroad. With a little bit of thoughtful planning and help you can make your wedding one that nobody will ever forget!

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