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Planning a Vintage Themed Wedding

If you tend to gravitate toward old world glamour and swoon over the quaint charm of eras gone by, a vintage theme wedding may be the thing for you. A vintage theme can encompass so many eras and you need to incorporate the feel and mood of one that appeals to your sensibilities the most for e.g. vintage Hollywood glamour, the 1940s, Victorian elegance etc. A vintage theme is great for intimate weddings and for a classic romantic feel. Trendy as it is right now, vintage has this romantic timelessness that always appeals on such a nostalgic and emotional level.

One of the nicest parts about having a vintage themed wedding is that it will be unique to you and your groom, since ideas about what is a ‘vintage’ feel, differs from person to person. You can create the ambience with genuine vintage articles from years gone by or go more budget friendly with replicas and décor items that invoke that old world feel – think pretty porcelain figurines, lace, simple yet charming centerpieces etc.  Lush gardens, old bungalows and villas, museums, historic ballrooms etc. are great venue options for a vintage theme. A picturesque location is ideal.

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One of the easiest ways to add a vintage touch to your décor is your tables. Elegant table covers in lovely pastels and pretty floral and antique-looking plates, jars and cutlery are so pretty. Subtle muted colours and lots of flowers, small pretty lights and quirky décor pieces are perfect. Try and interject pieces, patterns and designs from the era you want to celebrate. Get creative with your table centerpieces – Consider simple and budget friendly ideas like a big bowl strewn with old shiny brooches and pearl necklaces, feathers and faux jewels, glass jars with old black and white photos in them, porcelain vases or kettles with freshly-cut flowers or pictures of scenes from old black and white classic movies…. Simple, easy, affordable and totally cute! Adding a bit of intricately detailed lace, adds a vintage flair to almost everything from wedding décor to food. Add some detailing to your invites or have drapes with a lacey pattern or you can even as a pretty pattern on your wedding cake or other desserts.

Don’t forget the clothes! Western vintage wear is easy to find online and easier yet to replicate. Even if you don’t want to wear a totally retro outfit, vintage inspired touches and accessories also work perfectly. Research the era or exact theme you are aiming for like the flapper dresses of the 1920s, the sophistication of classic Hollywood etc. and take it forward from there. Keep in mind anything totally contemporary will look out of place and can ruin the feel. Keeping your hair-style and make-up time-frame appropriate is also important. You can even gift your wedding party or closest friends and relatives some vintage accessories like sparkling brooches, faux fur, top hats etc.

Lastly the music and entertainment also depends on the era you want to invoke. Live bands playing old favourites, jazz bands and other old school music styles work well. If that kind of music isn’t your scene at all, just make sure you don’t go completely modern.

How far you go with your theme, vintage or otherwise is entirely up to you and your spouse. You could go totally old world or enrich the wedding with vintage inspired touches as long as it holds that special appeal for you. Stay tuned for more tips from Marry Me’s wedding planning team.

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