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Planning a Multi-Cultural Wedding in India

With the world now becoming a melting-pot and cities getting more and more cosmopolitan, multi-cultural weddings are a pretty common occurrence. A multi-cultural wedding in India can be an enriching experience with tons of different cultural customs, people from various backgrounds and twice the blessings! However planning one can be stressful and you need to take steps to ensure nobody’s toes are being stepped upon or cultures disrespected. Even if you and your fiancé appreciate the diversity, there’s always a chance that the families are a little touchy.

Firstly remember it’s your wedding and however much you two love your families, the couple need to be involved in the decision making process from the get-go. Get your families together to discuss what is important to you and your parents and likewise make a sincere effort to learn about their preferences. Tough as it may feel in the beginning, reaching a comfortable compromise is not only possible but can make for an interesting wedding that’s uniquely your own. Talk about traditions that you both would like to incorporate both in the wedding ceremony and other festivities. Try to have a ceremony in a language everyone can understand, or you can even find someone who will translate what’s being said so your better half doesn’t miss out on the significance of those special vows.

You will have to specifically look for a venue that can accommodate all your needs and find someone who is open to multi-cultural marriages to officiate your wedding. Many couples have both ceremonies; it’s a great way to take part in another’s culture and enjoy the beginning of your marriage with both families getting the customs that are most important to them. Also remember that it’s not all serious! Having a nice blend of cultural customs in the reception or pre-wedding festivities can be so much fun. Fusion cuisine and music is not only trendy but can tie together everything nicely. You can honour both heritages by playing around with the décor, food and music and celebrating each culture through different festivities. If you have hired a wedding planner, make sure you convey all your different needs so that he/she can plan a wedding for you that is a harmonious blend of both worlds.

Do inform your guests about certain guidelines regarding attire if any, and be mindful while choosing your wedding clothes for specific ceremonies that you are not familiar with. Lastly, remember that your wedding isn’t just about your different cultural heritages but also about you and your fiancé as individuals and as a couple, so definitely infuse your own personal styles in the wedding. With a little bit of tact, compromise and understanding, your multi-cultural wedding can have the best of both worlds.

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