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Personalize Your Wedding Website

wedding website from wedding window

Today, couples are seeking viral ways through which they can reach out to their friends and family, informing them about their big day while still giving their celebrations a personal and exclusive touch. This can be done through the creation of a wedding website.

A wedding websites is a fun and informative concept adding to the joys of planning a fun-filled wedding. Not only do wedding websites give an edge to the couple’s ceremonial stance, they also serve to be helpful and awe-inspiring.

These websites, if done adding the right amount of appeal, can be enlightening while still serving it’s purpose of easy accessibility and reaching out to a wide range of one’s family and friends in the quickest possible way.

The wedding website need not be a plain one pager giving details about the dates, venues and asking for RSVP’s. It can go a step further in expressing the joy the couple and their families feel over their union. Below are ways by which couples can make their wedding website more personalized and exciting –

  1. A vital advantage with personalized websites is in the selection of the name you wish to call it. Couples can tailor the words of their wedding website URL according to their names or even a quote which define them.
  2. The couple can have a separate section on the website sharing the story of how they met. This can be followed by personal messages from both the bride and groom expressing their joy on finding each other – in other words, their online vows. Not only does this help share their happiness with the world, it also serves as an inspiration for love.
  3.  A nice way of getting your guests more engaged into the joys of the celebrations is getting a take on their side of the story. Acquaintances from both sides of the family can share stories of how they know the couple together and separately, wish and congratulate them, and thus in that way make a viral toast for everyone to read.
  4. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Rightfully so, pictures are another way of expressing the delight the couple feel in being together. A fun way of doing this is by making the pictures tell a story of their own about the bride and groom.
  5. Other captivating ways of livening-up the site is by adding favourite quotes or song lyrics which are close to the couple and define them. Furthermore, with the wedding over, and the clamour settled, the couple can forever use this website for remembrance and bond over reading what everyone had to say for them with their wishes and stories.
Hope these tips were helpful. Incase you have any tips to share from building your own wedding website, please use the talk to us link to reach out to us!
Image Credit : Wedding Window
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