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New Indian Wedding Ideas & Trends

Indian weddings are known for their opulence and are often referred to as the “Big Fat Indian Weddings”. Though weddings in India have always been grand and over the top with an extensive guest list, the trend is slowly changing.

Couples are now opting for small intimate weddings with fewer numbers of guests. This does not mean that these weddings are less lavish; on the contrary these weddings cannot be matched as the budget is usually huge and guests are few. Most of these wedding are destination weddings and the hosts plan the most unique experiences for their guests. The advantages with such weddings is that, when you have fewer number of guests and a huge budget you can make your wedding truly exceptional and guests go back with memories which will last them a life time.

Some of the trends which are catching up at small weddings are, booking off-beat locations like a private island or a boutique hotel to accommodate guests, or even a heritage temple or a palace, individually assigned super luxury cars along with personal chauffeurs are allocated to guest pick up and for their personal travel during the wedding period, personalized cutlery and high end crockery is used at every function, exotic menus planned for every event with ingredients being flown from various parts of the world, pampering welcome baskets with loads of top of the line goodies which are replenished every day, personalized good night notes from the couple and much more!

Depending on your location, you can choose to include an array of activities which will keep your guests entertained and engaged. You can have a combination of destinations close to each other rather than to restrict the wedding to one place. Like for example, if you choose to have your wedding in Rajasthan, you can book the palace on wheels for your guests and plan a function at every destination the train halts.

If you have a beach wedding you can plan a day of snorkeling or dolphin watching. You can even organize a barbeque by the beach and for the younger and adventurous lot you can have some water sports arranged.

Similarly, if you are having a desert wedding, you can set up a camp in the middle of the desert with air-conditioned tents, live performance and dances by the locals to entertain guests, camel safaris and maybe even a spa in the middle of the desert. You can plan a wedding by the backwaters and put your guests up in house boats with personal butlers. This will be a truly be a unique experience for your guests.

Giveaways are also becoming bigger than ever. Gifts such as super- luxury cars, designer clothes, and exquisite platinum or gold jewellery are given away at some of these small yet lavish weddings.

On the whole, this trend is becoming popular as it is easier to plan when the numbers are less and every guest can be given individual attention. International destinations are also quite popular for hosting small intimate weddings.

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