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Wedding Movie Review | Bridesmaids: Girls just wanna have fun!


Bridesmaids is a bizarre comedy about BFFs. It revolves around the strong bond between two childhood friends, Lillian, played by the warm Maya Rudolph and Annie (Kristen Wiig of Saturday Night Live fame) which is easy to identify with. Lillian leads a stable life and decides to tie the knot with her boyfriend, while Annie has been struggling not only with her personal life, but also professionally. She has had to shut down her bakery which she co-owned with her ex-boyfriend and now works as an unsuccessful sales girl at a jewelry store. It’s the natural insanity coupled with joyous moments that most girls go through during their wedding that keeps one captivated throughout the film.

After the proposal, Lillian asks Annie to be her maid of honor and selects four other bridesmaids, one of whom is her fiancés boss’s trophy wife, Helen Harris (Rose Byrne). Helen is beautiful and wealthy and a control freak of sorts! She is well connected and acquainted with the latest party trends; and owing to her loneliness and insecurity, she plans a rather gregarious wedding for Lillian! While her intent is only to seek Lillian’s attention and some adulation from the rest of the girls, she ends up going quite over the top for the taste of plain Jane Lillian. Right from raising the toast at the engagement, to choosing the bridesmaids dresses, and planning the bachelorette party and the bridal shower, everything she does is simply extravagant and ends up sidelining poor Annie, whose life is anyways in the dumps!

Annie is an unaccomplished young woman who is having to deal with the usual hardships of life- a reckless man (Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame) who thinks of her to be nothing but a friend with benefits, budgetary constraints and crazy flat mates. She is distressed and all this takes a toll on her as the wedding draws nearer.

The girls attempt to fly to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party, but are deplaned as Annie causes a pandemonium on board because Helen had drugged her. She is perplexed with Helen’s domineering attitude and her new found friendship with Lillian. Having gotten married recently, I could totally relate to the chaos in this film. Sometimes, close friends and cousins, in the pretext of pleasing you, can get rather annoying.

Let’s still give the devil her dues… Helen organizes a bridal shower that any girl would die for. It’s a fairly tale theme that takes you back to the high society flutter of the sixty’s. The invites carry a live butterfly, the guests are welcomed with refreshing lemonade, escorted on horses to the venue hall,  the pastel décor with fresh flowers, the choicest of cheese and fine wine cocktail, the chocolate fondue, and the compassionate return present- a high pedigree Labrador pup, is just mesmerizing…. And leaves you high and dreamy! Everything is immaculate, till Annie and Lillian have a showdown, while Helen basks in self proclaimed glory!

Helen chooses lovely mauve dresses for the bridesmaids that complement the theme of the wedding, but poor Lillian doesn’t even get to pick her own wedding gown and ends up with an obnoxious, fluffy white outfit that has been custom made by a high fashion French designer to please the moods of Mrs. Harris! How Annie came to her rescue and cut it up to turn it into something aesthetic and wearable at the very least, reminded me of an incident at my one of my own wedding functions, where I absolutely abhorred my make- up and had no more time to spend at the salon as I had to combat the Delhi traffic and make it to the venue in time. Thankfully for me, my best friend, who was with me, has studied fashion and art at a school in Paris and I let her redo my entire look on our ride to the venue. This movie captures several such nostalgic moments from our lives, that makes it both, humorous and touching.

The movie is breezy and fun to watch on date night or with a bunch of girl friends. However, it did leave me wondering whether to be truly happy for Lillian or not as insight into the groom’s character is lacking woefully. The clash between bridesmaids is pretty natural and that’s depicted in a hilarious fashion in this flick. I, for one, am surely awaiting the release of the DVD for keeps as I relived some crazy moments of my wedding days while watching it.

About the Author

Shibumi Chopra is a guest author for our blog. Born and brought up in New Delhi, she recently moved to the United States after her big fat Indian wedding. Amongst other things, she can provide insight into the growing pains of living with a man and the greater joy of being married. Be it a life-altering decision as to getting a dog for her dog-crazy husband or something allegedly as simple as teaching a man how to pick up his strewn about socks. She’s passionate about love, life, marriage and the intricate nature of weddings.

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